Wrestlemania 8 Booking

When they made the double main event of Hogan-Sid and Macho-Flair, was the plan always for it to be Hogan winning by DQ and Macho Man winning the belt back?  Were there thoughts that Hogan was going to come back at some point and continue feuding with Sid? 
Was there ever talk of Sid going over, or a pinfall by Hogan?

Was there ever talk of Flair keeping the title and Savage winning it later at Summerslam?

Also why did Money Inc get the belts from LOD instead of Natural Disasters with whom they were feuding with?  Were their plans for LOD to get the belts back sometime after they returned at WM 8?

​That's a lot of questions.  Yes, the plan was for LOD to get the titles back at Summerslam, or at least challenge for them there.  It was actually changed relatively late in the game.  Hogan was definitely, in Vince's mind, supposed to come back and have more terrible matches with Sid, and probably get the belt back in the process.  Normally he would have pinned Sid there, but Vince wanted to make Sid into the next Hogan, and Hogan was "retiring", so they didn't really want Sid doing the clean job there.  And Flair's title reign was originally thought to go much longer, but business wasn't good with him on top, so they changed it sooner than planned.  But yes, rough idea at the time was Flair keeps it until Summerslam and drops it to Hogan or Savage there.  ​