Impact Wrestling – November 16, 2017

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 16, 2017
Location: Aberdeen Pavilion, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Josh Matthews

We’re still in Ottawa, as will be the case for several more weeks. Tonight is about some followups to Bound For Glory as Gail Kim will be in the house for her first comments after winning the Knockouts Title, plus the return of American Top Team. I’m sure these won’t be bad segments that accomplish nothing and get us nowhere. Let’s get to it.

Gail Kim and American Top Team arrived earlier today.

Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron have been banned from the building.

Eli Drake is ready to face Petey Williams, who should stick with the X-Division.

Taiji Ishimori/Caleb Konley/Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt/Dezmond Xavier/Garza Jr.

Lee uppercuts Dutt to start and Ishimori comes in to spin out of a wristlock. Dutt dropkicks Konley down so it’s back to Lee for the heel dominance. That goes nowhere so it’s off to Garza who cleans house and TAKES OFF HIS PANTS! Xavier hits a dive of his own but Ishimori hits running knees in the corner. Konley gets kicked in the ribs and Xavier’s Final Flash gives him the pin at 6:45.

Rating: C-. I’m running out of ways to say the X-Division guys aren’t interesting. This was your run of the mill match with some dives and nothing much else. I still have no reason to care about any of these people and Lee continues to be champion for no adequately explored reason. It’s good to start the show with a match though, especially something a little more entertaining than the other options.

OVE is ready to continue the fight against LAX.

Grand Championship: Fallah Bahh vs. Ethan Carter III

Carter is defending as I try to remember that the Grand Championship is a thing. Ethan tries some technical stuff to start before slapping Bahh in the back of the head. The huge Bahh sends him into the corner before easily shouldering him down. For some reason Carter tries a slam and gets slammed down for his efforts. A really bad rolling splash (as in Bahh gets a jogging start, drops, and rolls over Carter) puts Carter in the corner to end the first round. Bahh wins round one and runs Carter over to start the second.

A second charge only hits post though and Carter kicks him in the head. While Bahh regains his senses, Josh says you can go back sixteen years on the Global Wrestling Network. No Josh, you can’t. We hit a chinlock for a bit before a Stinger Splash has Bahh in more trouble. Another chinlock keeps Bahh down to end the round, which is won by Carter.

The third round starts after a break with Bahh winning a slugout until Carter hits a clothesline. It can’t take the big guy down but Bahh is barely standing. The required Samoan drop is enough for Josh to give the first minute of the round to Bahh. A belly to belly gets two on the champ, followed by a crossbody for no cover. Bahh goes to the middle rope but gets pulled down, allowing Carter to grab a rollup with his feet on the ropes to retain at 15:14.

Rating: D+. As usual, there is no reason whatsoever to have the rounds save for fake drama. Bahh is every fat monster who can’t do anything out of the ordinary while Carter is stuck waiting around for a better story. I’d be thrilled if they just turned the title back into the TV belt, assuming they’ll actually do anything with it. The specifics mean nothing if you can’t get anyone wanting the thing, which has always been the problem around here.

OVE/Sami Callihan vs. LAX

It’s a brawl to start with Ortiz hitting a cutter on Callihan and a backbreaker on Dave Crist, only to have Sami come back in to send Ortiz outside. That means a suicide dive and the brawl continues on the floor. Back in and Homicide can’t hit the Gringo Killer on Callihan, who kicks him low for a breather. Jake actually bothers with a tag as we take a break.

Back with Santana getting pummeled in the corner but fighting over for the hot tag to Ortiz. Everything breaks down again with LAX making the face comeback, including a Tower of London out of the corner to Dave. Callihan comes back in to help with a Stunner on Santana, followed by Jake’s tombstone for two. Ortiz comes back in for the Street Sweeper and the pin on Dave at 13:16.

Rating: C. So they can get rid of the Veterans of War (another team with a three letter nickname) because the tag division is just so deep at the moment. It certainly feels like LAX has turned face but without much of a moment to get them there. It also isn’t much of a face group when they have the numbers advantage, though why bother making sense when you can do a double turn for the sake of a double turn?

Here’s Dan Lambert with an envelope. He brags about how awesome MMA fighters are and how pathetic wrestlers are before going into a rant about the company moving to Canada. See, Canada has weak currency and Impact Wrestling wants some of that lame money. As for the point, Lashley was granted a release but for some reason the company never signed onto it.

Lambert has drafted a new release and just needs an executive to come sign off on it, otherwise the destruction will continue. Cue Moose to call Lambert dumb for giving his boys the night off, leaving him all alone here. Lashley comes out for the save, along with American Top Team, who you would have thought Moose would have noticed in the back. Cue James Storm to clean house without much effort, including a beer bottle over the head of one of the MMA fighters.

Storm grabs a mic to say he’s been training since 1996 and was told he would never be here. His mama told him to never give up and that’s what professional wrestling is. He mentions some of the tag teams he’s been in and that’s what wrestling is too. Storm talks about how awesome this place is to wrap it up.

Post break, KM wants to be part of American Top Team. Lashley tells him to prove himself.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake tell Williams to try to make himself a Canadian hero. If Petey can last three minutes with the champ, he’ll be a Canadian hero. He won’t be World Champion though and that’s just a fact of life.

Allie thanks Gail Kim for being awesome.

Long video on Kim’s career. They’re really going to just send her out there, have her give a speech, and get no one else over aren’t they?

Gail comes out for her speech and Allie comes out as an invited guest. Kim talks about wanting to wrestle eighteen years ago and finding a wrestling school so she could do just that. We get the required YOU DESERVE IT chants, even though no one deserves as much praise as Gail gets around here. She thanks the women who helped pave the way to get her here (Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Awesome Kong) and she’s at peace with her decision.

She’s vacating the title and can’t wait to see where things go from here. No interruption, nothing for anyone else and just Gail. I’m so glad she got this one last moment to add to her collection of other moments. There’s no denying that Gail is great but this company seems to think she’s Austin and Rock combined. Did I miss it when she became the biggest star the company has ever had?

Joseph Park comes up to catering and scares everyone off, save for Grado. Park begs forgiveness and blames Abyss. He gives Grado his visa because TNA doesn’t understand the idea of immigration either. A Mountie comes up to say Grado’s visa only counts in America so he’s being deported. Well that happened.

JB is in the ring to announce the main event so Jimmy Jacobs pops up on commentary. He takes a selfie with Josh and says he’ll stay as long as he feels welcome.

Impact Wrestling World Title: Petey Williams vs. Eli Drake

Drake is defending. Feeling out process to start with Drake bailing from the threat of a Canadian Destroyer. Back in and a headscissors takes the champ down, followed by the O Canada spot in the corner. We come back from a break with Drake getting two off a belly to back suplex and Adonis choking on the ropes.

A tilt-a-whirl powerslam and a jumping elbow get two on Petey and we hit the reverse chinlock. Drake cuts off a comeback with a clothesline, only to miss a middle rope knee drop. The slingshot Codebreaker gives Petey two and a running knee to the face drops Drake again. The Canadian Destroyer doesn’t work so we hit the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring instead.

Drake makes the rope so Petey hits a DDT on the champ, followed by a suicide dive to Adonis. A slingshot is countered into a failed Gravy Train attempt and now the Canadian Destroyer connects…for two, which is said to be the first time anyone has ever kicked out. Another Canadian Destroyer attempt is countered into a kneeling reverse piledriver, followed by the Gravy Train to retain the title at 17:31.

Rating: B. Good match, albeit one without much drama. As soon as Drake kicked out of the one weapon Petey had, any doubt went flying out the window. I’m fine with Williams getting a one off title match but I really don’t need him getting a spot in the main event scene because “hey, he’s Canadian”.

Overall Rating: C+. There were some problems here and there but this was one of their best shows in a long time. First of all, everything was about Impact, as in there was no footage from other promotions to pad things out. Couple that with a good main event and some angle advancement (Storm as Moose’s partner is completely acceptable) and Grado being gone and it’s a good night. Unfortunately I have no reason to believe this will last but I’ll enjoy it while I can.


Sonjay Dutt/Dezmond Xavier/Garza Jr. b. Taiji Ishimori/Caleb Konley/Trevor Lee – Final Flash to Konley

Ethan Carter III b. Fallah Bahh – Rollup with feet on the ropes

LAX b. OVE/Sami Callihan – Street Sweeper to Dave

Eli Drake b. Petey Williams – Gravy Train

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