Highspots Wrestling Network Presents: Ask the Elite

This was filmed on November 13th, 2017

It features Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page

It runs at one hour and nineteen minutes long.


They are asked about their favorite food at the Cracker Barrel and talk about that as we learn Christopher Daniels only eats red meat and when ordering the Country Boy breakfast, the first person at the table orders it as “Don’t Go Messin’ With a County Boy Breakfast.”


On the most painful spots they have taken, Page said he sliced his knee open giving Jay Briscoe the Rite of Passage onto a table. Cody said the two worst for him was when he took a suplex from Triple H on a table that did not break and his second was when Scurll hit him with an umbrella at a WCPW show. Matt’s most painful was when Ray Rowe gave him an uranage that he felt throughout his body. Omega said Kota Ibushi cracked his sternum with a Phoenix Plex then said he hurt himself doing a dropkick from the bleachers to the floor. Scurll said he got put through thumbtacks at a PWG show against Chuck Taylor and they were in the corner of the ring, where it is a lot harder than in the middle of the ring. Nick said his was at Ladder War when four guys picked up the ladder he was on and brought it to the ropes where they pushed him out to the floor. Matt then talks about Candice LeRae sticking thumbtacks in his pants and giving him a Balls-plex. While on the plane, he went to the bathroom and a bunch of tacks fell into the urinal.


They talk about the best part of filming “Being the Elite.” Cody loves the heat they get when filming it backstage and telling guys they have to be quiet during filming. Nick loves the fans reactions as Matt thinks the best part is the collaboration involved in the show. Cody also says that Matt & Nick are not selfish at all while filming and give guys chances as Matt puts over how much better Flip Gordon has gotten as at one point they were thinking of writing him off of the show because he struggled and now they plan to give him a new storyline.


Kenny is asked about what went through his mind during his G1 USA speech. He puts over how they do not work off of scripts and jokes how can you be successful without a panel of writers in the back. Kenny then talks about how he has been alone most of the year and its been tough but you have to do your job. He also says there were a lot of emotions and he was extremely tired coming off of a string of matches and just started speaking from his heart.


On their favorite matches of 2017, Page said winning the Six-Man Titles in Ring of Honor was his favorite. Cody says it was winning the RoH Title from Christopher Daniels, who he really puts over as a talent. Matt says this is his favorite year and his highlight was the feud with the Hardy Boyz. Marty said his was teaming with Cody & Kenny against Yano & YOSHI HASHI & Will Ospreay. Kenny’s favorite was wrestling Okada then Naito in the G1 as he says there were some huge complications that he might talk about one day and said it was a miracle because of his injured knee.


They are asked a question about creative freedom and if they refused to do something writers or bookers asked. They all agree that having creative freedom is everything as Cody said its who you are as a competitor. Cody also talks about his biggest problem with WWE is that he was always treated like he was as a 19 year old in OVW making $500 a week and was never trusted to do anything and talks about how much trust he has with The Elite. Nick credits RoH for letting them do what they want. Marty uses a painting analogy and says its fine to have someone give you suggestions on how to paint a picture but when they are holding the brush for you then it becomes a problem. Matt says he does not really trust anyone after his TNA run and has decided to get himself over. He also talks about if you are a wrestler in 2017 that is only over due to their push and not doing stuff outside of that then you’re going to be in trouble.


On Flip Gordon joining the Bullet Club, they tell us to keep watching “Being the Elite” to find out as Cody says Flip is way too good for his experience level as the whole panel puts him over as a future star.


When asked about their favorite unsigned wrestlers, Matt says Chuck Taylor. Kenny says his is AR Fox as Cody says Lucha Underground are holding those guys hostage and that Penta El Zero M should be somewhere. Marty says DJ Z should be signed by someone.


Cody said he did pay $2,300 for the Classic WWF Intercontinental Title belt.


On the WWE “invasion,” Marty said they essentially filmed a mock of the WWE invasion of WCW as Matt adds it was built up through “Being the Elite.” They tweeted out for people to meet them at the Hot Topic across the street from where RAW took place and expected about 20 fans but there were a few hundred as his brother in law was there filming. Cody notes they had a permit to film too. Matt recalls Jimmy Jacobs running up to them and they took a picture as Nick told Jacobs not to put it on the internet because he’ll get fired then he did so anyway with a hashtag of #BCInvasion. Matt thinks he did this because he was unhappy.


They talk about Marty becoming the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship as Nick said Ricochet was apparently mad over how the situation played out. Interesting.


Kenny thinks Don Callis is by far the best color commentator in wrestling and puts over Kevin Kelly for doing his homework. The others all put them over as a team.


On his favorite city to wrestle in Cody said it was Philadelphia. He recalls the 2013 Money in the Bank show where he was in one of the MiTB matches and told it was the “C” match of the show and they went out first as Cody said the crowd was behind him a lot. Kenny’s favorite is Osaka as he talks about going into “Kenny Omega mode,” a term that Sami Zayn came up with which leads to some jokes at Zayn’s expense that strongly confirm the rumors he thinks he knows more about wrestling than anyone else.


They plug some shows then bring in a Chris Jericho cardboard cutout as they hold a mock press conference where Omega is held back and throws some comedic slaps.


Final Thoughts: The first thing you see just a few minutes is just how happy all of these guys are around each other. There is definitely a sense of camaraderie here. They love what they do and are having fun, even if Kenny said a few times how is humor comes from a dark place and hinted at some personal struggles but channels all of that into his performances. Everyone here loves what they are doing now too.

Overall, the interview was a breeze and a lot of fun. I hope they can do this again soon but like they said its hectic to all be together in the same place and have the time with their busy schedules. I highly recommend it for those subscribed to the Highspots Wrestling Network.

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