wXw 2017 World Tag Team League, Night Two

You can read the recap for Night One here

October 7, 2017

From Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Your hosts are Alan Counihan and Rico Bushido

Here are the tournament standings after Night One:

Block A: Young Lions 3 points, Massive Product 3 points, Spirit Squad 0 points, A4 0 points

Block B: EYFBO 3 points, Ringkampf 3 points, Briscoes 0 points, Rottweilers 0 points



EYFBO vs. The Briscoes

Drastik gets the best of Mark after a fast-paced sequence. Mark comes back with a clothesline then tags out as Jay hammers away. Drastik eludes a big boot then Ortiz makes a blind tag as EYFBO uses a few double-team moves. Ortiz gets a two count with a Northern lights suplex then chops away in the corner but eats elbow on a charge. Mark is back in as The Briscoes now cut off the ring. Mark lays into Ortiz in the corner then stomps a mudhole. Ortiz dodges a charge and finally tags out as Drastik runs wild. Jay does tag in and destroys Drastik with a clothesline as The Briscoes are back in control. Mark celebrates on the middle rope but Drastik takes him off with a Russian leg sweep. Ortiz tags in and runs wild then EYFBO hit a double back suplex for two. Mark fights off EYFBO and tags out as Jay destroys everyone. He hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall but Drastik catches him with a bicycle kick then the match breaks down. All four men are down on the mat then EYFBO hits a pendulum slam for two. Mark is able to take Ortiz outside then Drastik misses a 450 splash. Jay and Drastik have a reversal sequence and that ends with The Briscoes hitting a springboard Doomsday Device for the win (11:57) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really good match to kick off the show. It was back-and-forth with both teams impressing, especially The Briscoes. After losing a tough match the previous night to Ringkampf, The Briscoes pick up a much needed win.


wXw Shotgun Championship Match: Ivan Kiev (c) vs. Alexander James vs. Avalanche vs. Bobby Gunns

Kiev is attacked first then everyone else goes after each other. Avalanche is pulled outside then rammed into the post then Gunns puts James in a hanging armbar. Gunns then tries a guillotine but Kiev places him up top and takes him off with a hurricarana. James attacks Kiev and hits the Tower of London then fights off Gunns until he’s dropped on his head with a German suplex. James slingshots in with a blockbuster and it looked great but Kiev takes him down. Avalanche finally returns to the ring for the Tower of Doom spot then he starts attacking everyone. James puts Gunns in an armbar but Gunns reaches the ropes then everyone hits big moves but Kiev puts James away with a Death Valley Bomb (6:56) ***.

Thoughts: All action and it was entertaining the entire time. Really not much else to say besides that other than both Avalanche and James stood out the most.


Before the next match, Jinny mocks the fact her original opponent Melanie is injured. Jinny then calls out Melanie for being a “diva” and says this is a ring for women, not “diva’s” and lists off Toni Storm, Alex Windsor, and Viper among others. She then says if Melanie won, which wouldn’t have happened because she is “s---,” she just isn’t Championship material. Jinny then says there is no one backstage that can compete wit here but out comes Killer Kelly.


Jinny vs. Killer Kelly

Counihan puts over Kelly’s performance at the Femme Fatales show from earlier in the day. Jinny takes Kelly down with a drop toe hold then stretches her out on the mat. Kelly works the arm then boots Jinny down after an Irish whip sequence. Kelly lays into Jinny in the corner then gets slapped but laughs it off only to get sent in the corner with an arm drag. Jinny hits a pair of suplexes for two counts then chokes Kelly out against the ropes in mocking fashion. Kelly fights back but Jinny ducks underneath to stretch her out in a few different ways. Jinny starts laying into Kelly, who shakes it off, then the two kick each other in the legs. Kelly wins that battle and hits a few running attacks in the corner and almost puts her away with a bridging German suplex. Jinny rolls through a move and kicks Kelly in the face then after a reversal sequence hits the Rainmaker for the win (7:04) **.

Thoughts: Kelly was over but really needs a lot of work. She does have a presence but her work is poor and her offense is clunky. Jinny held this together and is quite the talent in her own right. I think she is one of the better female talents in Europe.


Young Lions vs. A4

A4 immediately attack the Young Lions and try to put them away. Lucky Kid acts crazy then Aslan low-bridges Al-Ani as the Lions take control of the match. They beat on Andy and cut off the ring. Andy fights back and hits Lucky with a lungblower then tags out as Al-Ani runs wild. Aslan kicks out Al-Ani’s knee from the apron and the Lions now beat on him in their corner. Al-Ani kicks out of a pin attempt then locks on a submission until Aslan makes the save. Lucky now licks the back of Al-Ani’s head and still acts crazy but Al-Ani fights back and hits an exploder before tagging out. Andy hits Lucky with a delayed vertical suplex then hits a super kick. Aslan runs in so A4 locks on a scorpion death lock then Al-Ani comes in to put Lucky in a half crab but both men reach the ropes. Lucky breaks up a double-team move then the Lions almost put Al-Ani away then the match breaks down. Al-Ani gets tosses outside then Aslan distracts the ref as Andy hits the F5. Al-Ani yanks Aslan outside but Lucky is able to kick out of the pin. Al-Ani catches Lucky as A4 hits an F5/frog splash combo but Aslan makes the save. Al-Ani comes off the top but Lucky got his knees up then Lucky sends him into the corner with a Death Valley Driver. Andy is hit with a Dragon Suplex but pops up for a lariat then A4 uses the F5/frog splash combo for the win (15:44) ***.

Thoughts: After two nights I am really not feeling the Young Lions. The Lucky Kid’s act gets old quick and has no growth potential. However, this was a good match due to A4. Once again, Al-Ani stands out as A4 picks up a much needed win.


The Rottweilers vs. Ringkampf 

Homicide and Thatcher start off the match fighting over a lockup. Thatcher ducks a chop in the corner and Homicide is pissed so they have Thatcher back Homicide into the corner and hit an uppercut. Homicide rakes the eyes but Thatcher comes back with a gutwrench uppercut. Thatcher knock Homicide outside after a few uppercuts as Homicide starts tossing chairs into the ring until Low Ki calms him down. Ki tags in and wants WALTER, who tags in, as the two feel each other out. WALTER backs Ki into the corner then avoids a hanging armbar. Ki is on the middle rope and challenges WALTER to a test-of-strength then kicks WALTER in the chest. WALTER catches Ki with a slam but misses an earthquake splash then Ki stomps away. WALTER runs through The Rottweilers and heads out to chop them both then Thatcher follows as they all start fighting outside of the ring. Thatcher and Homicide return to the ring where Thatcher takes control. Homicide fights back and hits a swinging DDT but Thatcher cuts off a tope with an uppercut. WALTER then press slams Ki back into the ring but Ki kicks him off of the apron. WALTER catches his rana attempt and hits an apron powerbomb that garners a “holy s---” chant from the crowd. Homicide misses a chop on Thatcher and hits the post as Thatcher starts targeting his hand. Back inside, Ki fights out of a powerbomb attempt but WALTER locks on a sleeper. Ki grabs the ropes but WALTER hits a butterfly suplex then WALTER takes Homicide down with a lariat. Ki comes back with the Black Magic Shining Wizard then he puts Thatcher in an octopus hold. WALTER boots Ki in the face but Homicide takes him down with an Ace Crusher then he tries to put Thatcher in the STF. Ringkampf beat down Homicide and almost put him away. Ki fights back and hits WALTER with the Tidal Wave then cleans house. He tries to hit WALTER with a Ki Krusher on the ramp but gets tossed back inside so he takes WALTER down with a shotgun dropkick then flies out with the Warrior’s Way. Thatcher is able to slip out of a Cop Killa attempt then slugs it out with Homicide until Ki takes him down then the Rottweilers hit a Doomsday Ace Crusher for the win (17:34) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent stuff. It was a total brawl instead of a more traditional match where all four men busted their asses. Ringkampf becomes the first team to get 6 points and now lead Block B. Despite two losses in the tournament, The Rottweilers have had two good showings.


The ring announcer runs down some events taking place in 2018. They list of Jeff Cobb, Travis Banks, and Penta El Zero M as the first three entrants of the 16 Carat Gold Tournament. It got over big with the crowd. (If you haven’t seen this year’s 16 Carat Gold Tournament, I highly recommend you seek it out).


Spirit Squad vs. Massive Product

The Spirit Squad’s pre-match cheer is met with a “you suck” chant from the crowd. They respond by trash-talking the crowd. Starr gets an elaborate ring introduction from the announcer, similar to Steve Corino in 2003 Ring of Honor. Starr ducks a chop from Kenny then hits one of his own. Starr ducks another chop then avoids Mikey, who chops his own partner. Starr hits machine gun chops on the Spirit Squad then Massive Product starts embarrassing their opponents. Simmons slams Mikey, who tries to slam Simmons but keeps failing. Tempers flare now as the announcer comes into the ring and two ring crew guys member roll in a table for an arm wrestling contest between Simmons and Mikey. Simmons wins as Mikey was holding on to Kenny for leverage but the ref kicked his arm. Mikey then rams the table into Simmons’ ribs. Kenny tags and stomps away but Simmons fights back and tags out as Starr runs wild and soon after that Massive Product hits Mikey with a spike piledriver for the win (11:23) **1/2.

Thoughts: It was a comedy and did get over with the crowd. And with the Spirit Squad its better they work this style than anything else. Massive Product now takes the lead in Block A.


We get a video package to hype up the wXw World Unified World Wrestling Championship between Ilja Dragunov and “Bad Bones” John Klinger. Dragunov defeated Avalanche in a #1 Contender’s match while Klinger defeated Jurn Simmons to win the belt withe the help of RISE. An excellent video package to keep you up to date on the storylines. As far as giving newer viewers a clear picture of storylines through video package, wXw is one of the best.


wXw World Unified Title Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. “Bad Bones” John Klinger (c) w/ RISE

Dragunov clears RISE from the ring before the bell after they tried to attack him then the ref kicks RISE out of ringside. Klinger beats on Dragunov to start. Dragunov fights back and clotheslines Klinger over the top rope but Klinger cuts off a tope. Klinger pulls Dragunov outside and suplexes him onto the apron before heading inside. Dragunov blocks a piledriver attempt and hits a few clotheslines that get him a two count. Klinger comes back with a sunset bomb into the bottom turnbuckle for a nearfall. They slug it out and trade chops until Dragunov hits a lariat. Dragunov hits a knee smash for two but Klinger blocks a rainmaker and hits an elbow smash for two. Dragunov’s chest is bleeding and Klinger continues to hit him with chops. Dragunov absorbs the pain and fights back then spits in Klinger’s face but is booted down. Klinger locks on a crossface as the crowd gets behind Dragunov. Dragunov blocks a DDT with a Northern Lights suplex then they trade more strikes then Dragunov locks on a crossface. Pete Bouncer runs out on the apron despite being banned earlier as Dragunov takes him off of the apron. Dragunov hits Klinger with a superplex but Klinger rolls Dragunov up and hits a suicide-plex as both men fall hard on the floor. The doctors check on both guys then Dragunov flies out with a tope to take out everyone but Klinger, who gets up and hammers away. Dragunov slips out of a splash mountain but Klinger uses a choke toss to send him into the third row in a very impressive spot. Dragunov just beats the ten count then eats a super kick and just manages to kick out of that. Klinger heads up top but misses the elbow drop then Dragunov heads up and hits a senton for a two count. Dragunov heads back up top but Klinger catches him with a codebreaker. Klinger then hits impact moves that Dragunov keeps getting up from as he hits Klinger with the Torpedo Moscow before dropping to the mat. The crowd is going nuts as both men are on the mat but the rest of RISE come into the ring. Then after that we see Massive Product & A4 stare them down before we get a brawl. The brawl spills outside then Starr and Dragunov hit some topes as this match has completely broken down. Klinger and Dragunov are back in the ring now and stumbling around as the rest of the brawling has stopped. Kiev distracts the ref as RISE slips the belt to Klinger. He is about to hit Dragunov but Da Mack comes out and takes the belt. Da Mack hits Klinger, and clearly did not make much contact but we will find out why later, then drops the belt on the mat before leaving. Dragunov picks up the belt and the ref accuses him of using the belt as RISE wants him to call for a DQ. The ref then asks Mack if he used the belt and Mack shakes his head yes so the ref rules the match a DQ (18:38) ***1/2. After the match, RISE attack Dragunov. Mack then heads into the ring and RISE holds up Dragunov. Mack smirks then Klinger hands him the belt as he whacks Dragunov. Mack stares at Dragunov getting beaten down as the crowd starts a “f--- you, Mack” chant. Avalanche then comes out and starts beating on RISE one-by-one as Klinger bails. Nero also comes in as the once disbanded Cerebrus has now reunited.

Thoughts: The ending was really clever. The match itself was more about advancing storylines than anything. Da Mack’s heel turn was pulled off fantastically and we are now setting up for a RISE vs. Cerebrus feud, which should be a blast. They’ve also done a fine job building up Dragunov as someone you want to get behind.


Final Thoughts: Another fine show. The final match contained a great angle and we saw a feud really good tag matches too. It appears they are setting up for a Massive Product vs. Ringkampf finals and if that happens it should be excellent. For all of those subscribed to the Highspots Wrestling Network, I highly recommend you watch the wXw product. They are producing some of the best storylines in wrestling today.


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