WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 17th, 1990

September 17, 1990

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This week’s featured match is Haku vs. Shane Douglas


Barry O. vs. Texas Tornado

This is from the 8/28 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Hershey, PA. Barry has “High Roller” written on the back of his tights. Tornado takes control to start then we hear from Mr. Perfect & Heenan in an insert promo as Perfect promises to take back his Intercontinental Title. Tornado then puts Barry away with the discus punch (1:59).

Thoughts: An easy win for Tornado as he continues to feud with Mr. Perfect.


Back in the studio, Heenan blames himself for Perfect losing the Intercontinental Title for rushing him into the match then blames the officiating for being lousy.


Brother Love Show from the 9/15 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” with guests the Legion of Doom


Saba Simba debut’s by beating Chris Duffy from the 9/15 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling”


Demolition vs. Jim McPherson & Jose Luis Rivera & “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

This is from the 8/15 “SummerSlam Fever” tapings in Utica, NY. Garvin almost rolls up Crush for the win then tags out. Rivera locks on a front facelock but Crush escapes and tags out as all three members of Demolition now beat him down. Rivera manages to escape and tag out then McPherson gets destroyed. Demolition take turns kicking the crap out of McPherson until they put him out of his misery with the Decapitation (5:23).

Thoughts: One of the last TV appearances for Garvin as he is being used as enhancement talent before leaving the company. We will see more Demolition six-man tag matches going forward.


Dusty Rhodes interview from the 9/16 “Wrestling Challenge” show where he vowed revenge against Ted DiBiase.


Jake Roberts defeats Brian Costello from the 9/16 “Wrestling Challenge” show


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. We hear from Tugboat as he talks about his injury gave him time to think about getting his hands on Earthquake & Dino Bravo. The Orient Express are with Mr. Fuji, who promise his team will win the Tag Team Titles.


The Genius vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This is also from the 8/15 “SummerSlam Fever” tapings in Utica, NY. Before the match, The Genius reads us a poem about Duggan while sporting his blond wig with headgear and a singlet. The crowd starts up a “USA” chant then The Genius does some flips and kip-ups. The Genius heads up the ramp but Duggan drags him back inside and goes to work. Duggan clotheslines The Genius outside. The Genius heads back in but Duggan catches a crossbody attempt then hits a knee drop before the Three Point Stance gets the win (2:59). After the match, Duggan chases The Genius around as the wig falls off. Duggan then puts the wig on his 2×4 and starts swinging it around.

Thoughts: Duggan beats The Genius, who has been doing nothing since his split from Perfect. However, he is continuing the bit where he wears a wig to hide the haircut he received from Brutus Beefcake.


Mike Durham vs. Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart & Earthquake

Another match from the 8/15 SummerSlam Fever tapings. The crowd taunts the heels with chants for Hogan. Bravo overpowers Durham before tossing him outside. Earthquake rolls Durham back inside as Bravo continues to beat on Durham. The announcers talk about Hogan vs. Earthquake as Bravo uses an airplane spin before hitting a side slam for the win (3:38). After the match, Earthquake hits a sit-down splash. Bravo calls for another splash as the crowd chants for Hogan.

Thoughts: A long squash match for Bravo, who remains involved in the Hogan vs. Earthquake feud.


Power & Glory defeat The Rockers at SummerSlam


Marty Jannetty defeats Dale Wolfe from the 9/16 “Wrestling Challenge” show as he is accompanied by Shawn Michaels, who is on crutches.


Back in the studio, Heenan accuses Shawn of coming out on crutches to get sympathy and should go in the ring and gut it out.


Earthquake beat Sonny Blaze from the  9/16 “Wrestling Challenge”


Haku vs. Shane Douglas

Another match from the 8/15 “SummerSlam Fever” tapings in Utica, NY. Haku extends his hand but Douglas does not bite. They fight over a lockup then trade arm wringers as Lord Alfred says Douglas needs to develop a killer instinct. Douglas gets a nearfall with a small package then works the arm after an arm drag. Douglas gets another small package for a nearfall as he has the advantage so far in the match. Douglas works the arm then uses another small package after Haku ducked his head. Haku bails as Douglas heads out and hammers away. They head back inside where Haku continues to work the arm. They both miss elbow drops then Douglas uses yet another small package before going back to the arm. Douglas wins a battle over a backslide and nearly puts Haku away then goes back to the arm. The crowd gets behind Douglas then Haku drives him into the corner. Haku catches a floatover attempt and hits a shoulderbreaker as Haku finally takes control of the match. We go back to the studio as Heenan avoids Gorilla’s question about Haku being in trouble then said he was not a ringside because he was conducting other business. Back to the match as Douglas gets two with a sunset flip but Haku catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Haku works a nerve hold now and that last for a while until Douglas escapes and fights back. Haku uses an eye rake but Douglas blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Douglas is dumped outside then Haku heads out and shoves him into the apron before heading back inside. Douglas is dragged in from the apron then tries to fight back but eats an elbow smash. Haku kicks Douglas back outside but Douglas comes back in and they both slug it out. Haku wins that battle and drops an elbow for two but whiffs on a dropkick then Douglas starts to fire up. Haku chops Douglas in the throat and hits a suplex but that only gets two. They go back-and-forth and Douglas hits something best resembling a Thesz Press but the time-limit was reached during the count as the match is ruled a draw (15:00) *3/4. Mooney then tells us to keep an eye on Douglas.

Thoughts: This was an attempt to elevate Douglas from enhancement talent that got some wins on matches exclusive to “Prime Time Wrestling.” It also showed you how much Haku has fallen. Haku had a really poor showing here and was visibly gassed near the end. The crowd got behind Douglas a bit but the beginning of the match was repetitive and Douglas’ comebacks did not have enough fire, IMO.


The show ends with Heenan in the studio telling the Big Bossman his mother was a bag lady in Georgia picking up trash in the alleys and found him in a dumpster, saying Bossman is adopted and that he does not know his real mother or father.


Final Thoughts: Not much of a show here. The featured match was unimpressive and the focus of any show with Heenan remains on him making fun of the Big Bossman’s mother.