WWE 205 Live – November 14, 2017

November 14, 2017

From the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness


Kalisto tells us that today is his birthday and will celebrate by beating down Enzo Amore’s right hand man in Drew Gulak. He then promises to leave Survivor Series as the Cruiserweight Champion.


Enzo and Gulak are backstage next to Kalisto’s giant birthday cake. Enzo gives Gulak a pep talk so he can hurt Kalisto because the ‘Zo Train will be derailed if he loses the Cruiserweight Championship. Enzo then takes from frosting off of the cake with his finger and slaps Gulak’s wrist away when he tries to do the same. They are playing up the fact that Gulak is now Enzo’s sidekick, which is much, much, much more entertaining than Ariya Daivari was in that role.


Also, Mustafa Ali will face Ariya Daivari tonight.


The Brian Kendrick & “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

Kendrick & Gallagher are in an insert promo as they promise to make Alexander & Swann pay for their actions. Swann introduces Alexander to his hometown crowd. He did not get much of a reaction. All four men brawl to start off the match. They take it outside where Gallagher sends Alexander flying over the announcers table with a dropkick. Swann is dropped on the apron then rolled back inside where Kendrick covers for a two count. Alexander is knocked off of the apron then Swann tries to fight back but is quickly outnumbered. Alexander finally heads back in and cleans house. He almost puts Gallagher away with a standing Spanish Fly as Kendrick makes the save. Alexander sends Kendrick into the corner with a drop toe hold then drills him with a knee smash. He tries the springboard clothesline but Gallagher shoves Kendrick out of the way and catches him with a headbutt. Kendrick puts Alexander in the Captain’s Hook as Gallagher puts Swann in a crossface. Swann manages to catch his partners arm when raised by the ref then Kendrick puts Swann in the Captain’s Hook as Gallagher still had him in an armbar. Alexander breaks that up but Kendrick attacks then hits the Sliced Bread #2 as Swann makes the save. Swann runs wild now then heads up top but Kendrick cuts him off. Alexander then puts Kendrick on his shoulders but that fails as Alexander is dumped outside before Gallagher & Kendrick toss him off the top with a double biel as Swann took a 450 bump. Alexander fights back and gets some height on a springboard clothesline then tries for the Lumbar Check but Gallagher breaks that up with a dropkick to the knee as Joseph points out the fact he had missed time earlier this year with a knee injury. Gallagher charges but Swann cuts him off with a roundhouse kick. Swann then flies out with a tornado DDT as Alexander hits Kendrick with the Lumbar Check (10:55) ***1/2.

Thoughts: The crowd was into this when Alexander was on offense and these guys had a hell of a match with some innovative stuff. It took a lot of hard work to get this crowd even mildly interested. This would have been even better in front of a hot crowd.


Before his match, Daivari puts over Enzo for making the entire show for famous and wealthy. Ali then cuts off Daivari for speaking in Farsi because the crowd does not. However, he can translate and tells us Daivari said he has his head so far up Enzo and lets just say it does not taste like birthday cake. Ali then says they are all Cruiserweights and should work together to have “205 Live” reach its potential then tries to get a “you look stupid” chant going after making fun of Daivari’s look.


Ariya Daivari vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali dodges an attack then yanks of Daivari’s jacket. Daivari is sent outside as Ali puts on the jacket then hammers away. Ali tosses the jacket at Daivari then hits a double jump crossbody for two. Ali tries a springboard move but Daivari shoves him outside. Daivari rolls Ali inside and stomps away then yells at the crowd for the earlier “you look stupid” chant. Daivari hits a bulldog for a two count then uses a strangle hold. The crowd gets behind Ali as he breaks the hold then uses a crucifix for a two count. They have a reversal sequence ending with Daivari getting a nearfall off of a spinebuster. Daivari heads up top for an elbow drop but misses as both men are down. Ali rolls outside then heads back in and fires away. Ali hits a roundhouse kick from the apron and follows with a tornado DDT that gets two. Daivari comes back to hit an inverted DDT then tries his frog splash but Ali is able to kick out. Daivari catches Ali with a boot then heads up top but Ali runs up with a hurricarana then hits an inverted 450 Splash for the win (7:20) **1/2.

Thoughts: Good action here but the crowd did not care. Ali’s dialogue before the match was quite lame and will not get him over with the fans. He is someone with a great backstory (former Chicago Police Officer) and if they played that up it would get him over a lot better than rehashed insults.


Kalisto is warming up backstage when Akira Tozawa enters and starts cheering before wishing him a happy birthday. Tozawa then leaves doing the “Lucha” chant.


The birthday cake is at ringside now along with other decorations.


Enzo and Gulak head out to the ring. Enzo says its a special day because it’s Kalisto’s birthday and went out of his way to make him feel appreciated by throwing a party, to which Gulak corrects him by saying its a “commemoration.” Enzo and Gulak do some comedy as Enzo says Kalisto’s present is a beatdown from Gulak. Kalisto then interrupts


Drew Gulak w/ Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto

Gulak takes Kalisto down then cranks his neck. They mix it up on the mat now until Gulak hits a slam. He chops Kalisto hard but is taken down with a headscissors. Kalisto kicks Gulak off of the apron then is taunted by Enzo, who holds up his belt. Gulak attacks Kalisto from behind as Enzo continues to talk trash. Back inside, Gulak roughs up Kalisto. He slams him off of the top rope for two as Enzo plays with the party favors and hands one to Gulak who taunts Kalisto by blowing it in his face until Kalisto kicks him. Gulak fights back and slams Kalisto against the ropes before tossing him outside. Kalisto is able to avoid getting slammed into the cake then Gulak stops himself short as to not mess it up. Gulak slams Kalisto against the apron then heads inside to work a Romero Special. Kalisto flips out then fights back. He hits a springboard tornillo but runs into a back elbow smash. Gulak is on the middle rope and makes sure not to climb higher but is caught trying a double axe handle. Gulak rolls out after getting hit with a hurricarana. Kalisto flies out with a tope but Enzo yanks him off of the apron. Kalisto just beats the ten count as Gulak mocks him with the Happy Birthday Song and takes his time with an inverted DDT but that allows Kalisto enough time to hit the Salida Del Sol for the win (7:59) **1/4. After the match, Enzo attacks Kalisto. The crowd chants how they want cake then Kalisto fights off Gulak before taking Enzo down with an enziguiri. Kalisto is about to put Enzo into the cake but Gulak makes the save. Gulak then says its party time and tries to powerbomb Kalisto into the cake. Kalisto escapes then Enzo flees up the ramp after Gulak is knocked out with a super kick. Kalisto then sprints up the ramp to go after Enzo.

Thoughts: I thought the match was okay and somewhat entertaining at times. Enzo was completely obnoxious on the outside but even still the crowd was not into Kalisto. And everyone was just waiting for someone to get tossed into the cake.


Dasha Fuentes is backstage with Enzo. He says its the luckiest birthday Kalisto has ever had then goes to eat the cake he paid for but is attacked from behind. Kalisto smashes Enzo face into the cake then throws it at him and leaves after kicking Enzo in the face. Well, someone was getting tossed into the cake and Enzo needed some comeuppance. With Kalisto getting the win here and some revenge on Enzo after the match, I’d say its a safe bet Enzo retains at Survivor Series.


Final Thoughts: The tag match is worth going out of your way to see but the rest of the show wasn’t anything to write home about. The Enzo/Gulak stuff was a bit of a letdown compared to what they usually do together and the crowd was deflated after sitting through a hot ending of Smackdown.