Hogan at WM X8

I don’t remember much of the leadup to WM 18 aside from Hogan trying to
kill The Rock but was Hogan starting to get cheered even before the match? 
In other words was Hall and Nash turning on him after the match an audible based
on Toronto’s reaction to Hogan?  If Hogan gets booed out of the building
are they still having Hall and Nash desert him to try and turn him face
regardless?  I know him beating HHH the next month was based off the
nostalgia pop but was there an original plan after WM that got shot to s--- when
Hogan got turned face at WM?

​Hogan was getting some cheers before the show, yes.  Basically a week before Wrestlemania they knew they were going in the new direction with him, so the Hall & Nash turn wasn't so much an audible as it was a hasty change of direction that was planned in advance. But yeah, they were turning him babyface either way, and it just happened to work SPECTACULARLY well. Who knew that Hogan could play a babyface?​