Brock Lesnar-Curt Henning Fight On A Plane In 2002?

  I remember hearing about Brock Lesnar and Curt Henning getting into a fight on a plane around 2002 or so, and Henning supposedly came out on the winning end.  Any truth to this?  Thanks. 

​There are no winners when you try to double-leg an NCAA champion on a plane, but basically the WWE crew got really, REALLY drunk on a plane ride back from Europe and Hennig challenged Lesnar to a wrestling match right there.  He tried to take him down and they rammed into the emergency door in the process, and while descriptions of "everyone nearly dying" are overblown, it was a bad situation.  Flair was incredibly drunk as well, and X-Pac cut off Michael Hayes' ponytail to prank him.  Unfortunately it resulted in the termination of Hennig pretty much immediately, and he died in a hotel room of an overdose shortly after.  ​