When Did It Start?

Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I wondered if there was an official period or point when the WWF/WWE writing & booking staff expanded? 

There's been plenty of former wrestlers who have vented about the "dozens of writers", comparing to the glory days when it was Vince & Pay Patterson laying out most things. Then there was the Russo/Ferrera era. Was it Stephanie moving up in early 2000's when the staff got so cluttered?

Closest I can get was a Russo interview (take his word for what it is) when he ranted how in 2002-2003 he was talking with Vince about returning, and he said there was so many people writing now he say it as a failure.

Is that around the original brand split when it started, or earlier?

​Yeah, it was the original brand split when they really went nuts with hiring writers, and split them into two teams.  The problem had started once Steph got hired originally because she wasn't really a creative person herself and acted more as an overseer.  Plus you had specialty guys like Gerwirtz who would write for their favorites almost exclusively, and yeah, it just got to be a big mess of writers.  ​