Mid-South Wrestling – March 17th, 1983

March 17, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts.

This week, we will see the Junkyard Dog vs. Matt Borne, Kendo Nagasaki, Jim Duggan & Super Destroyer, and more!


Clips of Andre & Atlas vs. DiBiase & Borne match from the 2/10/83 show where Kamala ran in and attacked Andre, even slamming him. This was done to hype the Andre vs. Kamala feud.


Watts is at a podium with Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr., who defeated Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne in Houston on 3/11 for the Tag Team Titles. Mr. Wrestling II said they underestimated them as Conway said it was the greatest day of his life and promise they will stay champions for a long time. Watts says the match was 20 minutes long then shows us the last few minutes, narrated by Mr. Wrestling. The finish saw Conway use a hurricarana to pin Borne. The crowd went nuts for the finish too. Mr. Wrestling says you can line up the competition and they’ll strike them out as Watts promises matchmaker Grizzly Smith is in the process of lining up some formidable opponents. The big news here is that we have new tag team champions and we will see why the change happened over the next month.


Marty Lunde vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Friday

Kamala immediately starts beating on Lunde as Watts puts over the fact Kamala has never been pinned and wonders if Andre will be the first guy to do so. Kamala chokes Lunde out for a bit then takes him down with a double chop before hitting a pair of splashes for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: Another dominating win for Kamala as they are building him up for a match against Andre the Giant.  Despite getting squashed, Watts put Lunde over as a future star in the business.


We are shown the clip from after Kamala attacked Andre last month, where Andre had blood pouring down his face then grabbed Watts and screamed for Kamala to come back and face him.


Matt Borne vs. Junkyard Dog

Kendo Nagasaki comes into the ring with his sword but JYD holds up his chain as the two square off. Borne is on the apron as the crowd chants for JYD but Nagasaki leaves and the match begins. JYD wins a slugfest to start then works a chinlock as Watts hypes the 4/16 Superdome Show. Borne escapes and uses a turnbuckle smash but it has no effect. JYD catches a kick and spins Borne around before decking him and going back to the chinlock. Watts lets us know that DiBiase is not here and on a “short vacation” courtesy of JYD. Of course, “short vacation” is code for touring in Japan. JYD cuts off a comeback and chokes out Borne in the corner as Watts tells us “Hacksaw” Butch Reed will be coming in soon and that Jim Duggan is angry because he is the true “Hacksaw.” Borne cheap shots JYD and chokes him out on the mat then uses a chinlock. JYD fights back then punches him after an Irish whip sequence and puts Borne away with a side Russian leg sweep (3:41) *1/2.

Thoughts: A few things here. First, they are building to a Nagasaki vs. JYD match. Also, its telling how after dropping the tag titles that Borne was annihilated here. And with the news Duggan is pissed over another “Hacksaw” coming into the promotion they are setting something up between him and Butch Reed.


Kendo Nagasaki & The Golden Dragon vs. Art Crews & Tim Horner

Nagasaki takes Horner down with a kick to start. Horner uses an arm drag but Nagasaki beats him down. Dragon tags in but Horner fights him off and makes the tag. Crews works the arm for a bit then both men tag out as Nagasaki beats the crap out of Horner. Dragon is back in and hits a chop but Horner crawls underneath his legs and tags out. Dragon cuts off Crews and punches him after a backflip then tags out as Nagasaki hammers away. Horner tags back in but Nagasaki hits a pair of kicks. Horner fights off Dragon and tags out as Crews now hammers away. Dragon cuts him off and tags out as Nagasaki puts Crews away with a thrust kick (5:15) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was fine but it was too long for what it was. I have no idea who was portraying the Golden Dragon, who was under a mask.


“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. Joe Stark

Irwin takes Stark down and roughs him up until they reach the ropes. Irwin hits Stark with an elbow smash after a break as Watts puts him over as part of wrestling’s future. Irwin stays in control as Watts says we will have a midget tag team match next week and to let all the kids now. Also next week, Junkyard Dog will face the Golden Dragon. Stark grabs a side headlock but Irwin escapes and hits a big boot then stomps away before working a headlock on the mat. Stark escapes and take Irwin out of the corner. He follows with a dropkick but Irwin fights back and catches him with a backbreaker for the win (5:11).

Thoughts: Another match that was much too long for what it needed to be as Irwin should have beat Stark in no more than two minutes. He looked decent here but the crowd was out of this.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Destroyer vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber

The Super Destroyer is Scott Irwin under a mask. Jackson bounces off of Duggan a few times to start but uses his speed to fight back. Destroyer is in and Jackson takes him down with a headscissors. Barber tags in and Destroyer beats hm down as Watts puts over next week’s midget match. Duggan is in now and runs Barber into the corner before slamming him down. Duggan & Destroyer cut off the ring then Duggan hits a spear before tagging out as Destroyer hits a superplex for the win (3:53).

Thoughts: Odd to see Duggan team with a non-Rat Pack member but we’ll find out why in the coming weeks.


Final Thoughts: The first half of the show that focused on the storylines was fine but the action was really boring. The next show will have the fallout of the North American Title Tournament and hopefully the shows become more focused because the title has not been talked about on TV since the Stagger Lee angle.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 9/15/90

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/16/90

Tuesday: WWF Prime Time Wrestling 9/17/90

Wednesday: wXw World Tag Team League 2017, Night Two

Thursday: Highspots Ask The Elite 11/13/17

Friday: WWF Madison Square Garden 9/21/90

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 3/24/83