WWE Nitro

Since they are seemingly obsessed with WCW nostalgia right now (Clash of Champions, War Games, Starrcade) I thought of something while watching 205 Live. What if they just rebranded the show WWE Nitro? They could get rid of the horrible cruiserweight division and championship and still utilize the fantastic wrestlers they have signed in the division. Maybe rename the title the Nitro Championship?

And a huge plus would be now you can showcase women on the show as well because it's no longer the cruiserweight show, more broad appeal. They have all the chicks from the MYC they can bring up. Wouldn't have to be live, now you can tape it before Smackdown and show it on Thursday nights on the network.

I've definitely felt like they should have been leveraging the Nitro assets long before now, and with 205 Live being such a dead property, I think it's a capital idea to replace it.