Prospects in dying promotions

Feeling really bad for someone like Eli Drake, who gives his all and has very good entertaining promos on the regular, being in a colossal garbage promotion like Impact Wrestling. He could thrive in the indy scene or in NXT. Instead he now seemingly has to put over Alboreto in the near future

Who are other good examples of big fishes or top prospects in small or dying ponds/promotions? Destruction Crew in 90/91 AWA? Booker and Lance in 00/01 WCW? EC3 a bit ago in TNA?

​EC3 was a special case because WWE wasn't gonna take him back anyway, so TNA was pretty much his ceiling outside of Japan.  The guy I feel kind of bad for right now is Jeff Cobb in Lucha Underground, because he could be getting MAD offers all over the world but he's locked into the LU contract for another season now and can't really do anything as long as they exist.  I'm of two minds with the Destruction Crew, in that they had enough star presence in the AWA to look like a big deal, but got COMPLETELY exposed once they made it to the WWF.  Mike Enos was always a good worker, though, and someone who could earn a regular payday with or without Wayne Bloom.  ​