No Sexual Assault/Harassment Allegations in wrestling?

Hey Scott,

I posed this question in the Friday post but I wanted to get your thoughts on this: with all the sexual assault and harassment allegations coming out in show business and in government, does it surprise you that nothing has come out about this in pro-wrestling? Is it just a matter of time before it does? And if it's against Reigns, would Vince still deem him the chosen one?
​Frankly I'm shocked that Vince HASN'T been taken to task during this firestorm, because he's admitted to all kinds of stuff before and the promotion was nearly sunk one time already due to the shenanigans of Terry Garvin and Mel Phillips.  They could easily have that sort of thing dragged up again, and this time it would be much harder to buy off the ringboys and wait for the news cycle to go away.  Not to mention Jerry Lawler's checkered past.  Really, it feels like a Deadspin article just waiting to happen.  ​