Worst RAW episode

In your eyes, what's the worst of all RAW episodes you remember?

Just watched RAW after Survivor Series 97, and it's totally abysmal and almost worthless (short Rock vs Austin segment was ok). Heatless segments by the ton, brutal botches, bad interviews (Jarrett/JR!!), lame Butterbean stuff, NOBODY was over except DX, Taker, hot female valets/ring announcers (Sable & Sunny), and to a lesser extent Shamrock. Remember watching it back in the days as a young teen and being heavily disappointed

Yeah, the entire roster was on the verge of mutiny that night and morale was essentially in the toilet.  It was REALLY bad.  
There's also the Tiny Tim episode, although that was from the squash era anyway.  From the modern era, I was at a RAW in Calgary in 09 hosted by Sgt Slaughter that was brutal.  It was the one where Shawn was a short order cook.  And of course the infamous Dr Ken SummerFest episode.