What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – June 24, 1995

Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix are in the booth and they are concluding the tapings in Wheeling, West Virginia.  Hendrix relives his Freebird days by dancing to Michaels theme music in the announce booth.

Opening Contest:  Shawn Michaels (10-1) defeats The Brooklyn Brawler after Sweet Chin Music at 3:44:

In the split screen Kama says that Michaels escaped a beating on RAW and that he will break him in two at The King of the Ring.  McMahon tells fans that doctors will not allow Razor Ramon to compete at The King of the Ring and McMahon says it is not certain how his slot in the tournament will be replaced.  Michaels works deliberately before giving the Brawler Sweet Chin Music on the floor and winning via count out.

A new Waylon Mercy vignette has him in a park talking about picnics.  He promises that when we gets to the WWF he is going to show the fans what a picnic is all about.

Call 1-900-737-4WWF to hear Jim Ross’s interview with Razor Ramon.

Men on a Mission (14-2) beat Jerry Flynn & Mike McReynold after Mo pins Flynn following a Mabel leg drop at 3:05:

Despite Mabel being in the King of the Ring Tournament he has not been given any singles matches since qualifying against Adam Bomb last month.  As a result he appears to be an afterthought going into the tournament, especially because he is booked to face the Undertaker in the first round.  Men on a Mission have no problems demolishing Flynn and McReynold, with Mabel shrugging off Flynn’s kicks and destroying him with his usual offense.  McMahon says that Men on a Mission will likely face the Smoking Gunns at a later date, furthering the idea that Mabel is not getting a singles push anytime soon.

Stephanie Wiand tells fans to buy up the rest of the tickets for The King of the Ring.  She reveals that Savio Vega will face IRS just before the pay-per-view starts in the final qualifying match to replace Razor Ramon.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (8-0) pins Barry Horowitz after a Tombstone at 1:26:

In the split screen Mabel says that he is “going to back to the hood” to beat the Undertaker and make him rest in peace at The King of the Ring.  Meanwhile, Horowitz will not be breaking his noted losing streak today as he quickly eats a chokeslam and a Tombstone.  After the match, the Undertaker puts Horowitz in a body bag and Mabel comes to ringside, telling the Undertaker he is not scared of him.

Bob Backlund says that he hates Man Mountain’s Rock hair, body, and music.  He says he has to save the world by destroying Rock.

Barry Didinski puts over why we should buy a King of the Ring t-shirt for $18 (plus shipping & handling) by calling 1-800-TITAN-91.  Hendrix makes fun of the fact that Didinski always says “Thanks, Vince!” even when Hendrix asks him to shill the product.  Sunny is disgusted that Didinski has yet to lose any weight.

Skip (w/Sunny) (3-0) pins John Crystal after a superduperplex at 1:32:

When the guest fan ring announcer tries to do his job, Sunny speaks over him.  Also, since the fan is overweight Skip and Sunny make fun of his appearance for some cheap heat.  Skip, as he promises, does not break a sweat against Crystal, not allowing his jobber opponent any offense before finishing him with a superduperplex.

McMahon recaps the events that gave us the Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow versus Sid & Tatanka match at The King of the Ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow (10-2) pins Mantaur (w/Jim Cornette) (14-3) after a flying headbutt at 5:20:

This clash of superheavyweights is hardly a technical masterpiece, with Mantaur still moving awkwardly in the ring, falling over when clotheslining Bigelow and struggling to put him in a chinlock.  Bigelow wins after a Mantaur blind charge, hardly putting him over in a strong manner, but his winning streak continues in an attempt to get him over as a babyface.  This would be the official end of the Mantaur experiment as he would not wrestle in another televised match, although he would appear at In Your House IIRating:  *

Todd Pettengill does The King of the Ring Report.  Bret Hart repeats the promo he has given a zillion times over the past month about his views on the “kiss my foot” match and what he is going to do to Lawler at the pay-per-view.

The WWF Blimp is headed to the Special Olympics but will go to The King of the Ring first in Philadelphia!

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (7-0) pins Mike Khoury after a Pedigree at 2:32:

One of the notable parts of this match is that Hendrix puts over Helmsley as a favorite to win the 1996 King of the Ring Tournament, something that would have happened if not for the infamous Curtain Call at Madison Square Garden that year.  It is also funny to hear McMahon criticize the Helmsley mannerisms and personality since this man would one day marry his daughter.  Helmsley wins yet again and is clearly in need of more suitable competition.

Jerry Lawler takes us on a tour of his torture chamber, which was shown on RAW.

Tune in next week to see the debut of Waylon Mercy!

The Last Word:  The show put over the Undertaker-Mabel clash at The King of the Ring, which appears to be the most hyped of the first round tournament matches.  However, the company is hitting a rut since the lack of top heels is really weighing on the product and questionable booking and injuries have kept lots of top talents such as Owen Hart, Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, the British Bulldog, Razor Ramon, the 1-2-3 Kid, Hakushi, and the Smoking Gunns off The King of the Ring card.

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