“Ratings were clearly falling” / “Styles == RATINGS”


You knew I couldn't let that one slide broski…but there's probably a small grain of truth there.
Colors obviously chosen to resemble what life was like for people before and after the big event.  
It actually looks like things fell off a cliff post Superstar shakeup and never really recovered to the level before that.  If anything it looks like Jinder juiced the ratings up for a little while.  
The biggest spike in the green end is when Vince comes to Smackdown, in fact.  Maybe he should have been challenging Jinder instead?
Come on, that's pretty specious reasoning. If you're going to credit Jinder for ratings increases, then logically they would have dropped when he wasn't in the featured slot or main event, and that wasn't ever the case.  Plus the actual reason for his title reign was increasing Network buys in India, and that didn't happen. Plus house show business and TV attendance were nearing historic lows as of late, so if there WAS some magical interest in Jinder as champ, it had long faded after the initial ironic hipster douchebag phase.  While you can't necessarily blame him for the downturn, you certainly can't credit him for an upswing.