wXw 2017 World Tag Team League, Night One

October 6, 2017

From Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Your hosts are Alan Counihan and Rico Bushido

The World Tag League is set up Round Robin style with two groups and you get three points for a win. Here are the groups:

Group A: Young Lions, A4, Massive Product, and Spirit Squad

Group B: EYFBO, Briscoe Brothers, Ringkampf, Rottweilers



World Tag Team League, Block A: EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Drastik) vs. The Rottweilers (Homicide & Low Ki)

Ortiz and Homicide lock up to start. They take it to the mat and go back-and-forth then Drastik comes in and gets out of the corner. Low Ki is in now and kicks Drastik then they end in a stalemate after some mat work. Drastik yanks Ki down then backs him into the corner but Ki gets on the top rope and works a hanging armbar. Ki goes out and has a member of the crowd straighten his tie then shakes his hand before coming back inside. Homicide tags in and hits rolling suplexes. Ortiz tags back in as The Rottweilers have taken control of the match. Homicide misses a charge then Ortiz hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Drastik is in and chops Homicide in the corner but Homicide laughs then fights back. Drastik kicks Homicide in the shin then hits a backbreaker for a two count. EYFBO hit Homicide with a few double-team moves but still cannot get the win. Ortiz hits a suplex for a two count but Homicide comes back with an exploder then makes the tag. Ki runs wild on Drastik until EYFBO manage to hit him with a double powerbomb. Homicide makes the save then hits Ortiz with an Ace Crusher. The match breaks down then EYFBO break up a Doomsday Device and put Homicide away with a Doomsday Blockbuster (11:21) ***.

Thoughts: The story here is how The Rottweilers mentored EYFBO but now the student beat the teachers.  Homicide teams with EYFBO in Impact Wrestling as part of LAX. It was a good match that was really slow-paced at the beginning but built up to something satisfying.


Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) vs. Young Lions (Lucky Kid & Tarkan Aslan)

The Young Lions are the wXw Tag Team Champions. They are also part of a stable called RISE. The Spirit Squad taunt and threaten RISE before the match, calling them a “fake Bullet Club.” Mikey and the Lucky Kid, whose gimmick is apparently that of a crazy person that Aslan instructs, start off with some comedy. Kenny makes a blind tag and hits a clothesline then a stomp but Lucky fights back. The Spirit Squad use a double noggin-knocker then Kenny mocks Aslan while hammering away. Lucky is back in and the Spirit Squad taunt him in between their offense. Kenny yells at the ref after getting a nearfall with a double axe handle then Lucky rakes the eyes and tags out. Aslan beats on Kenny, who responds by yanking his beard then hammers away in the corner. Kenny continues to hammer away but Lucky makes a blind tag. Kenny catches  a crossbody attempt but Aslan pulls his partner down as they double-team Kenny. Aslan chokes out Kenny as the Young Lions cut off the ring. Kenny fights off both men until he is hit with stereo kicks to the face. Lucky knocks Mikey off of the apron but Kenny ducks a double-team move and fights off both men before tagging out as Mikey starts beating on Lucky. The match breaks down with Kenny getting dumped outside and he appeared to have landed hard as Aslan puts Mikey over his knees then Lucky comes off of the top with a double stomp for the win (11:08) *1/2.

Thoughts: These teams had a major styles clash here and the match was a bit of a mess, especially at the beginning. And, the Young Lions are heels and trying to have the Spirit Squad as faces is not a good idea. The champs getting the win makes sense anyway as the Spirit Squad were just here due to having name recognition but this crowd did not seem to care about them at all. Mikey was somewhat entertaining but Kenny looked really slow and seemed to get hurt at the end.


We get a video package on the storyline between Da Mack and Julian Nero. The story is that Nero tries to manipulate everyone and tried to do so with Mack, who is pissed after getting screwed over.


Da Mack vs. Julian Nero

Mack has a losing streak going on here. He slaps Nero after some trash talk then chops away in the corner. Mack cuts off a comeback then continues to hammer away until Nero boots him in the face. Mack comes back with a dropkick and heads up top but Nero boots him off. Mack rolls back inside and gets stomped as Nero follows with a fallaway slam for a two count. Mack fights back but Nero boots him down and gets two. Mack once again fights back then hits a springboard forearm smash as he has support from the crowd. He tries for the Mack Magic but that gets blocked then Nero hits a fireman’s carry slam then hits a top rope knee drop and Mack kicks out before three put the ref counted anyway as Nero gets the win (4:59) **. The crowd boos the finish then some of them cheer for Mack, who angrily takes off his wrist tape.

Thoughts: It looks like they are doing a losing streak gimmick with Mack, who keeps coming up short after getting screwed over. The fans hated this finish though. The match was alright for what it was but nothing you need to see.


Zack Sabre Jr. will return to wXw in December for the Anniversary show.


A4 are dressed up as “Batmandy” and “Robinani” in a bit of comedy but since I do not speak German, I had no idea what they said.


A4 (Absolute Andy & Marius Al-Ani) vs. Massive Product (Jurn Simmons & David Starr)

A4 wear their costumes to the ring and reveal themselves to a sarcastic “holy s---” chant.  Simmons and Andy start things off with a handshake that lasts for a long time. They shake again then bounce off of each other repeatedly until they engage in a slugfest. Andy hits a few more shoulder tackles and after that they clothesline each other and roll outside. Ani and Starr enter and go back-and-forth at a fast-pace, a nice contrast from the power sequence we just saw. Starr drives Ani into the corner then tags out but Ani floats over on a suplex and tags Andy, who runs wild. Andy hits a delayed vertical suplex and hypes up the crowd but Simmons clotheslines him to the floor. Starr comes in but gets caught trying a tope and is sent into the post with an F5, with his knee smashing hard. Ani is back in and tags out after Simmons takes him down. A4 now cuts off the ring and get a nearfall with a double suplex as Starr is limping around on the outside. A4 continues to use quick tags then Andy hits a frankensteiner but Simmons pops right up, only to run into an F5. The crowd is into this match as both men tag out with Starr beating on Ani. He takes Ani off of the apron with a springboard clothesline then Massive Product almost put Ani away with a double-team move. Simmons gets Ani up for a powerbomb but Ani turns that into a hurricarana. Ani hits Simmons with an overhead suplex then Andy catches Starr with a spinebuster and puts him in a Scorpion Death Lock. Starr frantically tries to reach the ropes and does while the crowd applauds. Starr tries to pull himself up but Andy curb stomps him then sets up for a super kick but Starr ducks that and hammers away. Andy finally takes Starr down with a kick then everyone hits their signature moves and end up down on the mat. A “this is awesome” chant breaks out then Simmons and Ani become the legal men as Simmons runs wild. Ani fights back though then A4 clears the ring with Ani flying over the corner with a plancha. Back inside, Simmons slips out of an F5 attempt and Starr hits Andy with a DDT on the apron then Massive Product hit Ani with a killer spike piledriver for the win (19:28) ****1/4.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a match. Ani in particular stood out and he’s a guy that I would not be shocked if the WWE signed during a European tryout. He has a great look, is very athletic, and just 26 years of age. Definitely a major breakout candidate for 2018. Massive Product is a new team in wXw and a win here helps establish them as an act. A4 is one of the more underrated teams in wrestling today.


wXw Shotgun Championship Match: Ivan Kiev vs. “The Avalanche” Robert Dreissker

Dreissker shoves Kiev outside to start. Kiev then outsmarts Dreiskker and hammers away but once again is tossed outside. Dreissker brings Kiev back inside but is able to withstand a flurry of offense. Dreissker tosses Kiev around but Kiev finally takes control after hitting a blockbuster. Dreissker tries for a pumphandle but Kiev escapes. Dreissker fights back but misses a Vader Bomb then Kiev screws up a springboard hurricarana. Leg lariat gets two but Dreissker comes back with a pumphandle slam for a two count. Dreissker hits an avalanche in the corner but he misses a cannonball then Kiev runs back in and gets a two count with a rollup. Kiev locks on a sleeper but Dreissker shakes him off then Pete Bouncer runs in only to get tossed. Dreissker then hits both men with a cannonball as that almost puts Kiev away. He then hits a Samoan drop as Bouncer sneaks the belt in the corner and distracts the ref. Bouncer gets ejected before Dreisser knocks him off. Kiev tries for a belt shot but Dreissker ducks and hits a sit-out powerbomb but Bouncer runs in and breaks up the pin for a DQ (9:18) **1/2. The rest of RISE runs in and beats on Dreissker, who fights them off, until Bad Bones runs in for the attack.  The crowd chants for Ilja Dragunov but we get Nero instead, who is tossed aside. However, Dragunov runs out next and goes mental in taking out RISE before staring down Bad Bones until they slug it out. Bones gets the advantage for a bit until Dragunov hits him with the Torpedo Moscow as the crowd goes mental.

Thoughts: The action was solid but it was more about the angle that took place afterwards in hyping up tomorrow night’s wXw World Title match. Dreissker is a power wrestler with a build resembling Michael Elgin but shorter. He’s a good talent.


Briscoe Brothers vs. Ringkampf (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)

Mark and Thatcher start off aggressively on the mat. Mark hits a Death Valley Driver then tags out as Jay hammers away. The Briscoes hit some fast-paced, double-team offense but Thatcher fights back and makes the tag. WALTER overpowers Jay for a bit. Jay uses his speed to elude WALTER but is taken down with a shoulder tackle. Jay dodges a leg drop and hits a basement dropkick but is caught with a powerslam then hit with a sit-down splash. Thatcher tags in and targets the arm of Mark as Ringkampf cuts off the ring. They hit Mark with a double dropkick for a two count then continue to use quick tags in order to isolate their opponent. Mark finally fights back and tags out as The Briscoes beat on Thatcher. They knock WALTER off of the apron then Jay flies out with a tope as both of them end up in the second row. Mark flies out with a top rope moonsault after Thatcher gets dumped and the crowd goes nuts. Back inside, The Briscoes stomp on Thatcher in the corner. Mark now applies an armbar but Thatcher comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jay pulls Thatcher near their corner as Mark now puts on the Camel’s clutch. Jay tags in and hammers away but misses a charge and is taken down with an enziguiri. Thatcher makes the tag as WALTER comes in and fights off The Briscoes. Mark then trades chops with WALTER and that ends with Mark fighting off a sleeper hold. Mark floats over on another move then The Briscoes use a sandwich elbow smash. Jay hits a reverse neckbreaker on WALTER for a two count but WALTER fights them off then Thatcher comes in as this match has broken down. WALTER gets right up after a suplex and kills Jay with a lariat for a nearfall as all four men are down. Thatcher tags in and they fight over a buttefly suplex and that ends with The Briscoes almost getting the win with a crucifix bomb /neckbreaker combo. They now set up for a Doomsday Device but WALTER breaks that up and knocks Mark outside. Jay kicks out of a powerbomb by WALTER then Thatcher locks on a Fujiwara armbar but Mark breaks that up with a froggy armbar but then Ringkampf put The Briscoes in rear naked chokes and get the win (20:24) ****. After the match, Ringkampf offer handshakes and The Briscoes accept then seem angry with each other.

Thoughts: A great match to close out the show. They also played up the Briscoes troubles in RoH on commentary here and after the match. Ringkampf was beloved by the crowd and pick up the win in the match of the night. WALTER is one of the ten best workers on the planet at the moment. Just a tremendous performer.


Final Thoughts: Two excellent matches make this a successful first night. They also set up for tomorrow night’s World Title defense and continued some of the promotion’s storylines. If you are subscribed to the Highspots Network you can catch up on all of the wXw shows.


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