Women in HoF

Hey Scott,

1) Has there been any thought to putting Sable in the WWE HoF? For a brief period, she was basically one of the top acts there.

2) Has there been any thought to putting Trish Stratus, Lita or anyone else in the WON HoF? There are no US Female HoFers in anything, wrestling or managing. I know there might be controversies putting people like Moolah or Woman in there but what about May Young, Medusa, Sherri Martel? Elizabeth had a STELLAR career as a manager even if she basically just stood there. Have any of these women even been up for discussion?

​1.  Sable wants nothing further to do with being on screen in WWE as far as I'm aware.  They could absolutely put her in their Hall of Fame, though.
2.  Trish and Lita were both eligible and dropped off the ballot because of not enough support, I believe.  They weren't as good in the ring as the men of the same time period (or anywhere near as good as the women working Japan at the same time), and main eventing one RAW doesn't qualify as drawing money.  ​And if we're looking at things objectively, I don't see where Liz had a "stellar" career as a manager, especially since she couldn't cut promos and Savage drew just as much money without her around.  She was cool addition to the act and helped get him over initially, but let's not go crazy here. There's a lot of very specific criteria for the WON Hall, and the women on your list don't meet any of them.