This has got to be a work….right?

Doesn't make sense. Sami and Kevin are from every report I've ever heard or read two of the nicest most respectful guys on the roster. They don't even party like a lot of the guys and gals. 
I even watched the end of the Sami match back again and I didn't see anything there that would constitute "going into business for themselves". Sami loses to a cross body (lame) and Kevin throws some worked punches and they run away. All seems to be apart of the storyline, which I should asd is Sami and Kevin not caring about Smackdown, I.E. "going into business for themselves".  
So is this how WWE has to garner heat? Create fake stories in real life to trick the fans? Or is this legit? 

Maybe they've just got the mumps?  I hear it's going around.