The Bar

Has there ever been a better thrown together tag team than Cesaro and Sheamus? At least in the modern era? And I mean two established stars who rightfully deserved singles pushes and could have sulked about being randomly put in a tag team, but instead embraced it and went all out, giving themselves a team name, getting matching gear, inventing wacky double team moves and a badass entrance together, and generally going out and having solid tag matches.

I like me some Rock and Sock as much as the next guy, but they probably had, like, three matches as a team. I'm talking real tag teams who stuck around for a while and could realistically be called a unit.

​Oh yeah, they're right up there.  Don't forget that the New Age Outlaws were also just a thrown-together team in the early days and they got themselves over, so that could also count.  But Cesaro & Sheamus have been doing some really high-level stuff as a team since forming and I'm glad it's paying off with so many reigns for them.  ​