WWE 205 Live – November 7th, 2017

November 7, 2017

From the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England

Your hosts are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness


We get a video package hyping tonight’s WWE UK & Cruiserweight Division crossover show. And we saw how Pete Dunne made his RAW debut last night when he beat Enzo Amore.


Tonight, we will get Enzo Amore’s brand new talk show called “The ‘Zo Show.” Also, Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher will take place.


The ‘Zo Show makes it’s debut. He lists off several talk show hosts and he’s all of them wrapped up into one person. Enzo also calls himself a “ratings draw” and brags about money being able to buy happiness. The crowd rags on Enzo so he makes fun of them for their “bland” weather and women. He continues to ramble then says the UK Division will get an opportunity of a lifetime for getting to ride the ‘Zo Train. We then have Jordan Devlin, Joseph Connors, Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate, Tucker, and James Drake. Enzo interviews them all as Devlin and Drake want to be part of the ‘Zo Train. The crowd cheers for Bate then Enzo suggests he can be part of the ‘Zo Train by basically acting as his servant. Enzo asks Bate to get his shine box but gets punched in the mouth. Enzo bails and yells at Bate then Kalisto comes out for his match. A long segment to set up for a Enzo vs. Bate match. Enzo’s promo was abysmal until the UK guys came out.


A video package on James Drake airs.


Bate vs. Enzo will happen tonight.


Jack Gallagher comes out for his match. He says its good to be back home because it reminds him of the awful stuff he left behind. Gallagher blames the crowd for wanting him to be a circus act and that they are doing that to Cedric Alexander today. Gallagher says he does not need Manchester and then is interrupted by Kalisto.


Kalisto vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

They start off back-and-forth until Kalisto takes Gallagher outside and flies out with a springboard somersault senton. Gallagher manages to launch Kalisto off of the barricade then takes the action back inside. Gallagher targets the arm but Kalisto takes him outside then starts fighting back. Back inside, Kalisto uses a headscissor takedown the gets two with a hurricarana. Kalisto then tries a moonsault block but Gallagher sidesteps him and locks on a Fujiwara armbar. Kalisto manages to escape and turns that into the Salida del Sol and the win (5:07) **.

Thoughts: Solid action while it lasted but too short to mean anything. Kalisto gets a win heading into his Survivor Series match against Enzo.


Dasha Fuentes runs into Enzo backstage. He said Bate was lucky to even be on his show and that he has closed out bar tabs with more money than Bate has made this year combined.


Cedric Alexander & Mark Haskins vs. James Drake & Joseph Connors

We saw video packages on both Andrews and Connors before the match too. Andrews takes Connors down with a hurricarana then he gets a two count with a basement dropkick. Alexander tags in and gets the best of Drake then Andrews comes in for a leg drop/standing moonsault combo. Andrews gets distracted as Connors cheap shots him and tags in to beat on Andrews. Drake & Andrews cut off the ring until Andrews fights back and dumps Drake before tagging out. Alexander runs wild on Connors and has the fans behind him. Alexander gets two with a springboard clothesline then Drake makes the save. Andrews makes a blind tag and puts Drake away with a shooting star press after Alexander took out both men with a handspring Pele kick (4:39) **1/4.

Thoughts: Solid action but again it was too short to really mean anything. The crowd was into Alexander a lot on this show. Drake & Connors are not impressive performers.


A video package on Tyler Bate airs.


Tyler Bate vs. Enzo Amore

Bate toys Enzo and nearly puts him away with a rollup. A “Mustache Mountain” chant breaks out as Enzo takes a breather then Enzo returns and gets toyed with some more. Enzo bails after getting hit with an overhead suplex then Bate heads out and charges after him only to get pancaked into the guardrail. Enzo rolls Bate back inside and stomps away in the corner. He slingshots him out with a side slam for two then applies a chinlock. Bate escapes and hits a back suplex as both men are down. Bate hits a rebound clothesline then hits a running knee smash but gets stomped charging into the corner. Bate fights back and perches up on the top rope then Enzo shoves him off but Bate’s knee is caught on the top rope as he falls outside. The ref checks on Bate then Enzo rolls him inside and taunts the crowd. Bate is then turned inside out with a clothesline then Enzo puts him away with the Eat Defeat (8:14) *3/4. After the match, Enzo goes after Bate until Kalisto runs him off.

Thoughts: With Enzo defending the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series, it made sense for him to win this match. And they protected Bate with the finish as it looked like he legitimately messed up his knee falling outside. The match wasnt good at all but better than most Enzo matches.


Final Thoughts: Man, this crowd was dead. They billed this as the UK vs. Cruiserweight Division, with the UK Division losing most of the time. And besides Bate, none of the UK talent were over. No match stood out and the only storyline advanced was Kalisto vs. Enzo, making this a show you can skip unless you are really, really interested in checking out some of the UK guys.