Change of plans???

With AJ ending the awful Mahal reign what are the chances that:

A) this is just a ratings thing, Jinder wins it back in India, and the Mahal/Cena WM plan commences unscathed   Or…
B) is this a huge indictment of the Mahal experiment and is this the end of main event Jinder, with WM plans seemingly changed. Maybe Jinder/Cena stays but job title and they do AJ/Nakamura?
C) If A, how can you still trust Jinder till Mania, when you tried and failed to sell the Brock match
D) Does Brock give a different effort against AJ, or is this an extended Suplex City squash?

My gut says A unfortunately. This feels like Luger beating Hogan right before Road Wild 97.

​This doesn't feel like a temporary switch.  Clearly ratings were dropping and Vince wanted to do something, plus this also juices Survivor Series significantly because HELL YEAH I wanna see that main event now.  And I don't think Brock will do a squash for this one, clearly AJ is a guy that everyone likes and respects and I bet AJ was put in this position specifically to get the big match out of Brock.  
Also, have I not been saying for weeks "They should just put the title back on AJ"?  They should really listen to me more often.​