WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 2nd, 1990

September 2, 1990

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan.

In action this week are Tugboat, Big Bossman, Rhythm & Blues, and Koko B. Ware. Plus, an interview with Sgt. Slaughter and a report on SummerSlam.


Rhythm & Blues vs. “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin & Glen Ruth

Vince lets us know that Rhythm & Blues will get to face the Hart Foundation for a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Garvin and Valentine shove and chop each other as Heenan makes fun of Garvin’s “Bart Simpson” haircut. Valentine bails after Garvin chops him then Garvin locks on a sleeper. Honky runs in to break it up as the match breaks down. Ruth is in now despite not tagging in and Rhythm & Blues put him away with a double back suplex (3:28).

Thoughts: For some reason Rhythm & Blues are getting a title shot despite weeks of doing nothing after an unsuccessful lower midcard feud against the Bushwhackers. You can also tell how the company feels about Garvin as this is the second time on TV he has teamed with enhancement talent. No mention of his past feud with Valentine either as he would be gone from the company in two months.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We hear comments from an angry Mr. Perfect as he talks about getting screwed over by the Texas Tornado, who then tells us that the smell of victory feels good and Perfect has to go to the back of the line. The Legion of Doom laugh about Demolition no longer being the Tag Team Champions then Dusty Rhodes, who is feeling down about Sapphire screwing him over but also tells Ted DiBiase that he does not have a price. Usually, “Special Report” is the same as the “WWF Update” segment but this time they approached the SummerSlam PPV results with promos to let us know which feuds will be continuing.


Koko B. Ware vs. Dale Wolfe

Heenan refers to McGuirk as a “tacky looking bimbo.” Koko chases Wolfe around then catches him with a hip toss. Koko runs wild as Heenan blames the officiating as to why Perfect lost the Intercontinental Title. Koko hits Wolfe with a bulldog then hits the Ghostbuster for the win (1:52).

Thoughts: Since Koko was practically enhancement talent himself at this point the focus on commentary was not about himself.


Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Mike Pocari

Haku attacks Pocari before the bell. Pocari fights back but Haku shrugs off a dropkick then hammers away. Haku really starts to beat the piss out of Pocari as Vince points out Heenan’s comments about Bossman’s mother. We then hear from Bossman as he gives Heenan a warning to stop talking about his mother as Haku puts Pocari away with a thrust kick (2:44).

Thoughts: Bossman has now addressed the comments Heenan has been making about his mother, which began two weeks ago at the SummerSlam Fever show, as they are setting out to make this a feud.


Big Bossman vs. Mike Williams

Heenan tells us that Bossman has the same haircut as his mother as Vince lets him know about the warning Bossman gave him during the last match. Bossman hits Williams with an atomic drop then a clothesline as Heenan goes off on Bossman for being gutless. Bossman hammers away as Heenan makes more jokes on Bossman’s mother then Bossman gets the win with a sidewalk slam (2:15). After the match, Williams is cuffed to the ropes then Bossman leaves as Heenan is scared of him coming up then leaves.

Thoughts: Heenan continued to amp up the jokes on Bossman’s mother to make it even more obvious Bossman will be feuding with a member of the Heenan Family. And with Mr. Perfect tied up with the Texas Tornado, its kinda obvious to see who will be going up against Bossman.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Sgt. Slaughter to the interview platform. Slaughter calls the fans “maggots” and says that they should be on their feet and saluting him instead of Nikolai Volkoff. Slaughter tells us Volkoff is nothing but scum and has no right in carrying the American flag to the ring. He then declares war on Volkoff and promises what happens will make the Middle East look like Sunday School but Volkoff comes out and waves the American flag. Volkoff and Slaughter have a staredown then Volkoff ducks a swing and hits Slaughter with an atomic drop and waves the flag on the platform as Slaughter is livid with several officials holding him back. They are trying to get heat on Slaughter based off of current events but Volkoff is nowhere near good enough of a worker or strong enough of a babyface to make this successful.


“Playboy” Buddy Rose vs. Tugboat

Rose bounces off of Tugboat a few times then we hear from Tugboat in an insert promo as he thanks Big Bossman from saving him then tells Earthquake & Dino Bravo he is coming for them. Rose whacks Tugboat in the ribs then hammers away in the corner but Tugboat reverses an Irish whip. Tugboat sends Rose into the corner a few times and hits a slam before getting the win with a splash (1:57).

Thoughts: Since he came back the week after SummerSlam, its more obvious Tugboat was taken off of SummerSlam to get more heat for the continuing Hogan vs. Earthquake feud rather than the rumor he was developing a large ego backstage.


The Genius has another back to school poem for the kids.


Power & Glory w/ Slick vs. George Skaaland & Mike Daniels

Heenan talks about his history with Hercules and said the reason he got rid of him was due to the fact he could not guide his career. Vince teases Heenan that he heard Mr. Perfect was going to dump him then Power & Glory take control. Power & Glory are with Slick in an insert promo talking about ending The Rockers career. Power & Glory still beat on Daniels until they put him away with the Power Plex (4:00).

Thoughts: More hype for The Rockers/Power & Glory feud. They did not really mentioned what happened at SummerSlam though so expect to see clips of that in the coming weeks.


Bad News Brown vs. Mike Durham

The sewer rats are at ringside. Bad News attacks Durham before dumping him outside. He makes Durham look inside of the cage and that frightens him as Heenan said it was Bossman’s mom. The crowd chants for Jake as Bad News stays on the attack as Vince apologizes for Heenan’s remarks over the Bossman’s mom. Bad News then puts Durham away with the Ghetto Blaster then tosses him out of the ring (2:15).

Thoughts: This is the final appearance on “Wrestling Challenge” for Bad News. He already left the company by the time this aired but had he stayed we were still going to get his feud against Jake Roberts.


Final Thoughts: This show strongly pushed the Heenan/Bossman and Slaughter/Volkoff stuff along with other programs that will be featured in the coming weeks, making it a more newsworthy show than usual.


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