When Did You Realise?


Simply put,when did you 100% realise that wrestling wasn't as real as you thought it was?

For me,it was August 1992,when a newspaper  here in the UK did a SummerSlam at Wembley Stadium review before the show actually aired anywhere. IIRC,it was taped on the Saturday night then broadcast in the Monday.

The review definitely had a LOD-Money Inc photo,spoiled Bret-Bulldog to high heaven and then dropped in something about 'scripted fun' and 'entertainment show' or something. Heart broken.

One of the off-brand wrestling magazines on the newsstands back in 1989 (you know, back when there was more than just WWF Magazine or the PWI family) published the results of Wrestlemania V in full…in an issue that came out two days before the show. That, combined with Hulk Hogan kicking out of the flying elbow and hulking up for the finish, put me over the top and I realized for good what I was watching.