Calling Shawn-anigans

​Hey Scott,

I know that he didn't need it (and didn't want it), but do you think there was any point during his comeback where WWE should have given Shawn Michaels another run with the title? I feel like he should have won it in that classic, nearly 60-minute match with Cena on RAW in London following WM 23. 

Also, do you think WWE could have stretched that feud between Broke Shawn and his evil boss JBL out until WrestleMania if it had happened any other year (I believe that was prior to the first HBK-Taker match at WM)? There was a lot of eye-rolling about that storyline at the beginning and it was pretty silly, but they played their roles so well and it felt like it could have been even better if the payoff had been on the biggest stage.

​1.  Yes, I feel like he could have easily carried the belt for a while during that period.  Like that time where Cena got hurt and they had 4 title matches on the one show to make up for it?  The one with HHH and Orton and Umaga, whatever that was.  People would have been happy to see Shawn win it at that point.
2. Yes, definitely.  In fact, what I think should have happened is they don't do the JBL-Shawn match at No Way Out, and instead JBL tells Shawn he'll release him from his contract…if he can beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Shawn loses, things look bleak, and then they do some b------- later and have the climactic Shawn-JBL match at the followup show because reasons.  I think the Undertaker stip would have put the storyline over the top, though.  ​