Watching wrestling ironically

More and more over the years, I've found watching wrestling embarrassing. This is a common sentiment, what with the writing that would be rejected on the worst TV shows around, and the embarrassing cartoon logic that is roundly condemned by the fans, but
is playing well to the audience of one.

But lately, I've been seeing something in wrestling fandom (particularly on the subreddit Squared Circle) that really irritates me. People will post things like, "That House of Horrors match was ridiculous, sophomoric, and brainless, and I loved every minute
of it." Or most recently with the 2 year old logic of Braun Strowman returning in a garbage truck a week after being compacted: "So did he wait in there the whole time? LOL I love pro wrestling,"

So, they're getting ironic enjoyment from how incompetent the storytelling is, but they actually seem to think that makes it good.  Obviously, WWE creative is not doing these things ironically – Vince either thinks this stuff is good in earnest, doesn't
care enough to do quality control, or is actively looking to upset the fanbase.

Am I off base on this? Is it a natural mentality to evolve for the battered wife fans of WWE? My thinking is that it comes from fans who have never seen logical booking that rewards investment. I just want to grab these people and shout "WRESTLING CAN BE

​I don't understand that mindset either.  I feel like those kind of people should be tied down and forced to watch that video about Naito I posted, Clockwork Orange-style.  There's logical and non-embarrassing ways to book guys like Strowman, and we already saw them earlier on RAW!  Flipping over an ambulance is AWESOME.  Surviving a garbage truck is stupid.  It's not difficult.​