Big(ger) in Japan

With Itami headed to 205 Live, I can't help but think that the WWE is (and has been) screwing up their "Made in Japan" imports, with the only real exception being AJ Styles.

Seems like Itami and Gallows & Anderson might be beyond being anything special at this point.  Anything going to save them?  And do you think Balor or Nakamura actually have a shot at avoiding this fate?

Thanks as always!

​Itami has been a complete waste, unfortunately, but by the same token he was just never able to connect with fans in NXT the same way Nakamura did.  I think he would have been better off staying in Japan with hindsight, but hey, if there was ever going to be a chance of him making it in North America, this was it, so good for him for trying.  Had he not been injured multiple times, who knows how it might have gone.  
For Gallows and Anderson, they're just guys now.  I think that Tex Ferguson & Chad 2 Badd might have resurrected their career a bit when Southpaw was hot, but they completely missed the window and just used it as a YouTube chicken commerical, assuming no one was watching.  
I feel like Balor needs to be tombstoned by Kane a few more times, that'll really get him over.  Then he can lose to Brock Lesnar and become a giant star.​