WWE 205 Live – October 31st, 2017

October 31, 2017

From the Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA

Your hosts are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness


We get a highlight package on the Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa feud to hype their match tonight.


Tonight, we will see Rich Swann vs. The Brian Kendrick plus a “Fright Night Fatal Four Way” match with Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik, Tony Nese, and Ariya Daivari.


Gulak comes out to the ring and asks “Where my gouls at” then mocks the crowd while promising to put an end to Tozawa’s chants. He then addresses Halloween and how “the machine” has ingrained it into our culture. However, he said we can make it better and introduces us to his Power Point Presentation for a better Halloween. #1 is “No Candy” as the kids do not need more high fructose corn syrup so they can jump around then end up getting root canals. And if you want something sweet to try a sweet potato as they are high in potassium. #2 is “No Trick or Treating” because we have evolved past this and we might as well be chanting, which is the worst thing. Tozawa comes out to interrupt slide #3. Another fantastic promo by Gulak as he continues to be one of the most entertaining characters in the WWE.


Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa immediately beats on Gulak then grounds him with a headscissors as the crowd does his signature chant. He rolls through a sunset flip to kick Gulak in the chest then stomps away in the corner. Gulak rolls outside then avoids a potential tope from Tozawa before heading back inside. Gulak cheap shots Tozawa from the corner but is faked out and dropped with an elbow strike. Gulak misses a corner clothesline but is able to elbow Tozawa in the throat. Gulak then hits a clothesline and starts choking Tozawa out with the rope. He continues to target the throat but Tozawa comes back with a hurricarana. Tozawa follows with a Saito suplex then heads up top but Gulak rolls outside so he flies out with a tope. Tozawa rolls Gulak inside for a two count but Gulak blocks a suplex and hits him in the throat. Tozawa comes back with a spin kick though then heads up top for the senton and gets the win (5:56) **1/2.

Thoughts: This was fine and I presume this ends their feud but I would have liked to seen Gulak get in more offense here. The guy is entertaining but he lost in under a minute last night and really did not get much time for a blowoff match. I have no idea what they do with Tozawa now though. He’s feuded with Kendrick already and he recently had a title feud.


The segment from last week is shown where Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher tell Cedric Alexander he will never live up to his potential if he hangs around a “clown” like Rich Swann. They give Cedric an ultimatum to make a decision whether or not to join them and if he does not make a decision, he’ll make one for them.


Swann is getting ready for his match when Cedric interrupts. Cedric tells Swann he cannot believe Kendrick & Gallagher thought he would ditch him. Swann tells Cedric he does not even pay attention to what they saw as Cedric then tells Swann to not let people trash-talk him and hands him a clown nose to use so he can mock Kendrick in tonight’s match. Well, Cedric made his decision so the feud continues.


Mustafa Ali tells us he grew up in a rough area in Chicago and did not want to walk down those streets but did learn valuable lesson, which is to always get your candy. They were better off not airing this segment.


A clip from last night where Enzo Amore attacked Kalisto from behind as we now learn that Enzo vs. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship will take place at Survivor Series.


The Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher vs. Rich Swann w/ Cedric Alexander

Swann comes out dressed as a clown while Alexander’s face is painted. Kendrick is pissed as Swann keeps messing around. Swann then takes Kendrick down for some more joking as Kendrick is not too pleased. Swann sidesteps a charge then pokes Kendrick in the eye. Swann uses a headscissors takeover but Kendrick is able to fight back as he lays into Swann but Swann takes Kendrick down with a dropkick. Gallagher takes Swann outside then Kendrick takes Swann out with a baseball slide. Back inside, Kendrick gets a nearfall with a suplex and yells at Swann if he thinks its funny now. Swann flips out of a Captain’s Hook attempt and runs wild then takes Kendrick off the top rope with a hurricarana for a nearfall. Kendrick comes back with a suplex then catches Swann in the Captain’s Hook but Swann’s legs are on the apron. Kendrick now hits a super butterfly suplex but Swann is just able to kick out. Swann comes back and sends Kendrick outside with a super kick then flies out with a tope con hilo. Swann heads back up top but Gallagher climbs the apron. Cedric pulls Gallagher off but Kendrick takes Swann down. Kendrick sets up for the Sliced Bread but Swann escapes and connects with a roundhouse kick before getting the win with a Phoenix Splash (9:37) **1/2.

Thoughts: The comedy here was atrocious but once they got past that they put on an entertaining match. Unfortunately, the clown stuff at the beginning just killed the crowd.


Daivari comes out to the ring for the Fright Night Fatal Four Way match. There are pumpkins all over the ring as Daivari tries to tell some horror story that ends with him bragging about his bank account due to his association with Enzo. This was terrible to be honest. Out of all those in the Cruiserweight Division, why they push someone as bland as Daivari ahead of someone like Gulak is beyond me.


Fright Night Fatal Four Way: Ariya Daivari vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese vs. Gran Metalik

Before the match, Ali passes out candy. However, Nese blows him off because he is not a slob like everyone else then slaps the candy out of Ali’s hand. The bell rings as Daivari sneak attacks Ali & Metalik. Ali and Metalik fight back then work a reversal sequence that ends in a stalemate but Nese attacks from behind. Ali smashes a pumpkin in Nese’s face then opens a candy bar and tries to shove it in Nese’s mouth but Daivari makes the save. Daivari catches Ali with a spinebuster then pulls out a mask from a candy bowl that resembles Metalik’s. He puts it  on then cartwheels around to mock Metalik. He sets up Ali for a superplex but gets shoved off and the mask taking off as Ali pulls in a skeleton. Ali puts the mask on a skeleton and tossses it at Daivari while Metalik walks the ropes and hits a missile dropkick for two. Nese pulls Metalik outside then brings in the candy corn colored kendo sticks and hands one to Daivari so they can beat on Ali. They place Ali in the tree-of-woe as Daivari keeps handing pumpkins to Nese so he can throw them at Ali while doing his crunches. Nese goes out and pulls a bag from underneath the ring. Ali hits him with a pumpkin then tries to fight back but Daivari pulls him outside. Daivari dumps the candy bowl on top of Ali and holds him up for Nese but is accidentally nailed with an elbow strike. Metalik flies out with a plancha to take out Nese. Ali then shoves a candy bar in Nese’s mouth and makes the cover after a super kick but Metalik breaks that up. Metalik and Ali shove each other then trade strikes until Metalik hits a spinning sitout slam for two. Metalik sets up for a superplex but Nese yanks him off and that leads to a Tower of Doom spot. Daivari flies off the top with a frog splash but Ali was able to kick out. Daivari slides the table inside and sets that up but Metalik tosses a pumpkin at him and places Daivari on the table. Nese cuts Metalik off of the top then empties out the bag but it was just candy corn as Nese is pissed. A “candy corn” chant breaks out as Nese tries to put Metalik through the table with a sunset bomb but Metalik breaks that up with a back drop. Metalik covers but Daivari makes the save. Ali then grabs a broomstick and heads up top after knocking down Daivari and hits a broomstick leg drop for the win (12:57) ***.

Thoughts: These guys made the best out of a tiresome stipulation. A majority of Halloween humor shown by the WWE this week was completely dated and tone deaf. Ali won and the crowd got into this a bit near the end.


Final Thoughts: This was a Holiday themed and wrestling based show. The action was fine but the “comedy” here was not unless it came from Gulak. We also have a Cruiserweight Title match for Survivor Series and have two more weeks of shows to build that up.