What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – June 17, 1995

Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix are doing the commentary for today’s show and they are doing the second round of tapings in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The big video board shows footage of Lawler walking barefoot in his horse’s stall.  The only redeeming thing about seeing this footage yet again is McMahon’s great facial expressions.

Opening Contest:  Bret Hart (6-2-1) wrestles Henry Godwinn (13-3) to a double count out at 8:00:

Godwinn has not been presented as much of a threat in 1995, doing jobs on television to bigger name talents such as Razor Ramon, the Undertaker, and Diesel.  The company has implied that he has connections to the Million Dollar Corporation going back to the build to WrestleMania but he was not introduced as a member of the “retooled” Corporation after that pay-per-view so he is just hanging around.  Wrestling Bret allows Godwinn to show a different side of his abilities, doing some technical sequences and diversifying his usual offense.  Rest holds are also at a minimum as both men trade moves at a swift pace.  Jerry Lawler walks out mid-match, only wearing a boot on one of his feet and he distracts his King of the Ring adversary.  Sadly, this produces a brawl on the floor that results in a double count out, putting a damper on what is far and away Godwinn’s best match to this point.  After the bell, Bret chases Lawler to the locker room.  Rating:  ***

Bret tells Hendrix in the locker room that he is tired of Lawler sticking his nose in his business.  Bret says he wants to face Godwinn again.

The Blu Brothers (w/Uncle Zebekiah) (8-1-2) beat John Smith & Gus Kantarrakis after Eli pins Smith after a knee drop at 3:36:

The viciousness that the Blus displayed in their squashes earlier in the year is not present here as they seem to sleepwalk through their beating of Smith and Kantarrakis.  It appears that the Blus are working to get their double big boot over as a finisher as they hit it on Smith and Eli follows up with a knee drop for the victory.

McMahon recaps the Lex Luger-Yokozuna King of the Ring qualifying match on RAW.

Stephanie Wiand says that the New York area house show circuit was great.  She lets the audience know that the WWF will return to Madison Square Garden on August 12.  WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna, along with Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji, say they are not concerned with the Allied Powers who are coming after their tag team championships on some upcoming house shows.

Mr. Bob Backlund is shown destroying Man Mountain Rock’s guitar on Monday Night RAW.

Man Mountain Rock (11-0) defeats Kenny Kendall via submission to the Whammy Bar at 2:12:

Rock does not sell any of Kendall’s offense, performs a few slams and finishes his opponent with the Whammy Bar.  One fan is really into Rock’s act, doing some intense headbanging as Rock’s theme plays.  The Undertaker’s Creatures of the Night are not impressed, though.

Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett is shown accessorizing backstage for his appearance on today’s show.

Non-Title Match:  Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Champion) (12-6-1) beats John Senowksi via submission to the figure-four leg lock at 2:11:

Before the match Jarrett cuts a promo about how he has given the Roadie time off to prepare to be the next king of the ring so that they can “both be great.”  Jarrett works the leg for much of the squash, which does a lot to set up the figure-four as a legitimate finish.

In a pre-taped segment, McMahon interviews WWF Champion Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow.  Bigelow is wearing a really bad t-shirt where he has a demonic look and the top of his head is on fire.  Diesel says that he not gotten clearance from doctors to compete and they reiterate how they will be fine for The King of the Ring even though they have not been able to team together.

Call 1-900-737-4WWF to hear Shawn Michaels thoughts on competing in the King of the Ring Tournament.

Jean-Pierre LaFitte (8-0-1) pins Reginald Walker after Le Cannonball at 2:34:

LaFitte continues his winning ways today, coasting through Walker with his usual offense.

The WWF blimp is coming to New York City and Boston this weekend!

Wiand recaps the inductees into this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which will take place next week in Philadelphia.

The Waylon Mercy worm vignette gets some playtime.

Savio Vega is shown at a Puerto Rican dance parade as McMahon’s booking resembles something that his father would have done in the 1970s to build the New York market by catering to one of the city’s resident ethnic groups.  However, nationally this character does not have much play outside of Savio being Razor Ramon’s friend.

Barry Didinski encourages us to buy a Diesel Power t-shirt.  Call 1-800-TITAN-91 to get one for $16 (plus shipping & handling)!  McMahon hilariously remarks that “one day Didinski will have enough physical strength to hold that t-shirt still.”

Savio Vega (3-0) beats Bob Cook with a side roll at 1:21:

The poor fan ring announcer does not even get his name put in lettering for the home crowd because we had to see Savio’s dance moves.  Savio throws a few kicks and experiments with a new finisher, pinning Cook after a side roll.  Savio does have good babyface instincts, though, by going to two young teens in the front row who have a homemade “Viva Savio Vega!” sign and posing with them for the camera.  Nurture that support wherever you can!

Todd Pettengill provides The King of the Ring Report.  He says that it will be the greatest King of the Ring ever.  Ted DiBiase, Tatanka, and Sid say that they have a plan to deal with Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel at the pay-per-view.

McMahon says that the WWF looks forward to participating the Special Olympics next month.

Hendrix closes today’s show by giving us zoomed-in footage of Aldo Montoya being forced to rub his mouth on Jerry Lawler’s feet at the end of last week’s episode.

Tune in next week to see Bam Bam Bigelow face Mantaur!  Also, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker will be in action!

The Last Word:  The Bret-Godwinn match was one of the better Superstars matches in months and will hopefully lead to another fun rematch between the two at a later date.  The company is doing what it can to get newer competitors such as Savio Vega, Jean-Pierre LaFitte and Man Mountain Rock over, especially Rock due to his latest feud with Bob Backlund.  Of the three, though, LaFitte is trying to make the most of his push.

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