Summerslam ‘13

*I just watched Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan from Summerslam 2013 for the
first time, and I have some discussion questions for you and/or the blog

* 1. Which of the two matches is better? (I lean towards Punk/Lesnar, which
I didn’t expect, since I usually prefer Bryan’s ring work to Punk’s). 2. Do
any other PPVs boast two matches of such high quality? (I suspect many fans
will suggest Mania X, but for my money these two matches have an intensity
and physicality that nothing from Mania X could hope to match.) 3. Is this
Lesnar’s best match from his current run? 4. Knowing what we know now re:
how little opportunity remained to utilize Bryan correctly, what would have
been the ideal booking direction for him from this night forward, assuming
we DON’T choose the wet fart option of Orton cashing in and starting a
lukewarm, uninspired run? *

​1. I like Punk/Lesnar better as well, but it’s really a pick ’em. Two
different styles of match and story being told.

2. If we’re only counting US PPVs and not, say, New Japan, then no. But
for me, Wrestlemania X still wins because the story of Owen/Bret was better
and Shawn/Razor was hella-influential.

3. Without a doubt.

4. I think the Authority thing was fine, but the story should have been HHH
trying to get the title off Bryan and failing until Bryan finally gets
screwed and then regains it at Wrestlemania, like they seemingly wanted to
do with Reigns. Having Orton win right away was ridiculous, they had
months left to build up that cash-in.​