Cena/Reigns forever

*With WM apparently looking like an “epic” main event of Reigns/Brock and
Cena/Jinder. That means, in Philly, they’re gonna have either Cena win his
3rd Rumble, or Reigns win again (his 5th straight final 3). So who does
Philly boo? Or does Vince f--- with everyone and have them start 1, 2
eliminate everyone and Cena get cheered by default?*
​I’m pretty sure they’re just gonna do the straight Reigns win, or else
have the Shield plow through everyone and then do the big face-off at the
end so that Roman can eliminate the other two and win. The crazy thing is
that by all rights they should let the Shield ride as a unit for a long
while to cash in on it because it might actually get Roman over, but
because Wrestlemania HAS to coincide with Roman’s big climactic push for
the fifth time, then they’ll break him away for no real reason. Although,
as we discovered from the last earnings report, there is now literally no
value to booking or good or bad main events for PPVs any longer, so really
it doesn’t matter. ​