Hey Scott, love your Blog. I was thinking about feuds that never occurred either characters just missed each other or never booked. There may have been one off matches I have never seen. Here is a list.

​OK, let’s see what we got…​

1. Mr. Perfect Vs Macho Man
​That would have been a hella-interesting feud and a cool dynamic, especially with babyface Perfect and heel Savage, but the stars never aligned.  I’d buy a ticket, though!  ​
2. Bret Hart vs Macho Man during Harts 1st title run.
​Can’t see it working very well, to be honest.  Savage was all sell-sell-sell-comeback and Bret liked to mix things up more.  Major style clash.​
3. Bob Orton vs Greg Valentine
​I’m 100% sure this happened a million times in the Carolinas during the 70s and 80s.  ​
4. Heel Michaels vs Piper
​This did happen one time only, according to cagematch — It was on an episode of PrimeTime Wrestling, airing March 29 1992.  ​
5. Heel Jake Roberts vs Bret Hart
​That’s quite the specific window, but it never happened that I could find.  ​
6. Pretty Wonderful vs Hollywood Blonds
​Definitely never happened, and in fact they were months apart.  Austin was already US champ by the time PW became an official team.  I was never a fan of Roma & Orndorff as a team anyway.  ​
7. Heel Jake Roberts vs Heel Doink/Matt Bourne
​That’s another oddly specific one.  I can tell you that Roberts and Bourne definitely had a bunch of matches pre-NWA.  ​
8. Ted Dibiase vs Mr. Perfect
​Both guys were dependent on bumping off someone else’s offense, so I don’t think it would have worked.  They never did have a match, though.  ​
9. Angle vs Perfect 2003
​Probably would have disappointed you.  ​
10. Mr. Perfect Vs Greg Valentine
​Ugh, why?  ​
11.Vader vs Meng
​Oh, that would have been interesting!  But no, sadly never happened.  ​
12. William Regal vs Kevin Sullivan
​Now THAT would have been a style clash.  Never happened, though.  Thank god.  ​
13 Kevin Sullivan vs Finley
​That would have made for an intriguing brawl, I’ll give you that.  ​
14 Sullivan/Sawyer vs Gordy/Williams
​Eh…I don’t think so.  ​
15 Nakamura vs Tajiri
​Why Tajiri?  By the time Nakamura was coming up in the business, Tajiri was well on the way down, so no, never happened.  ​