Shut the f--- up, Part 2

Yeah, I’m sure you have very “conservative values”  That’s why you never said a f------ word about the disaster that was Obama.  Certainly didn’t when he invited domestic terror group “Black Lives Matter” to the White House after their supporters killed 7 police officers last summer, or chanted “kill white babies” at their racist rallies.  That kind of racism is OK, I suppose.
And as usual with the looney left, you couldn’t argue with the points I made on my previous email about the accomplishments Trump has had in office, so you retorted with the same, tired “Trump will say something stupid.”  Anything that comes out of your bloated, greasy mouth is stupid.  Hell, the majority of the time you can’t answer these marks questions with your awesome knowledge about the biz, and instead deflect with sarcasm or “humor”.  You are weak and transparent in addition to being an idiot, and anyone with the IQ of a toddler can see you are a fraud.  
At least my hair is real, not like DONALD TRUMP, am I right?
Anyway, whatever this gimmick is bores me already and did not help my ad revenues one bit yesterday, so you’re of no further use to me.  I don’t care about politics and this lame trolling isn’t gonna help change that.  I will continue to bust on Trump and you will just have to deal with it, I’m afraid.