Mid-South Wrestling – March 3rd, 1983

March 3, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

In action this week are the Black Ninja, Ted DiBiase, Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr, and Mr. Olympia returns from suspension to face Matt Borne.


Watts once again lets us know about the North American Heavyweight Title, which takes place on March 21st. He says that Tito Santana and Super Destroyer among others have signed up.


Now, Watts talks about how the Junkyard Dog found time to visit a school in Mississippi where they had “Junkyard Dog Day” and he was given the key to the city. We then see a clip of JYD on the local news as he visited the school.


After the JYD segment, we see a Mr. Wrestling II doll that is missing one leg. After that we get clips from the 12/18 show where Mr. Wrestling II was taken out by Kamala then Mr. Olympia made the save and took his place in the tag match where the loser of the fall had to leave for ninety days. Mr. Olympia ended up losing the match.


A video of the “Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki airs as we get an insert of his manager, JJ Dillon, tell us all of the martial arts he knows.


“Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki vs. Jerry Caldwell

Nagasaki beats on Caldwell to start. He stays on the attack then works a nerve hold before a super kick gets him the win (1:41).

Thoughts: Another easy win for Nagasaki as they are trying to build him up for a feud.


Ted DiBiase vs. Ron Ellis

DiBiase immediately takes control of the match. He destroys Ellis until putting him away with the figure four (2:22).

Thoughts: Quick win for DiBiase here as I guess they are giving him a singles win before the tournament.


Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Kelly Kiniski & Ron Kessler

Conway works over Kiniski to start as Watts tells us that the midgets will be back in three weeks. Also, in two weeks the Super Destroyer will be here and King Kong Bundy and Killer Tim Brooks will be coming in soon as well. Mr. Wrestling II is in and works the leg. Conway is back in and works a headscissors as Watts says Hacksaw Butch Reed will also be coming in soon, which apparently angers Jim Duggan. Kessler is in and gets his ass kicked then the match breaks down as Conway works over Kessler, who cannot even get up for Conway’s offense, and gets the win with something resembling a judo throw (5:03).

Thoughts: This went on forever and the actual work was bad. We did learn about new names coming in though.


Matt Borne vs. Mr. Olympia

They start off aggressive and end up in a stalemate. Borne cheap shots Olympia off of a break but gets backdropped after that. Olympia works the arm after a brief flurry of offense and stays in control. Borne fights back and hits a dropkick but Olympia is able to put him back in the armbar. Watts says next week we will have Tony Atlas vs. Jim Duggan and Iron Sheik vs. Mr. Wrestling II from Houston. Borne slams Olympia, who is able to fight back, but we now see DiBiase at ringside. Borne hits another slam then heads up to the middle rope for a seated senton but Olympia got his knees up as both men are down. The crowd woke up now as Olympia is firing away. Borne bails and regroups with DiBiase then heads back in where DiBiase trips up Olympia, with the ref calling for the bell (7:18) **1/4. After the match, Olympia fights off both men as the crowd cheers.

Thoughts: A good segment to reintroduce Mr. Olympia to the TV audience. He came off strong and seems to be primed as one of the top choices for the North American Heavyweight Title. It was a solid TV match.


Tim Horner vs. Marty Lunde

Horner works a headlock to start. Lunde escapes and hammers away. He takes Horner down with a knee smash then grabs a rear chinlock. Lunde cuts off a comeback attempt with another knee smash then hits a backbreaker for a two count. He drops an elbow from the middle rope for another two count but after that Horner hits a crossbody. Lunde slams Horner but misses an elbow drop as Horner runs wild. They end up trading nearfalls for the last 45 seconds until time expires (5:17) **.

Thoughts: The action was fine. I like how Mid-South gives the younger talent chances to work against each other with the matches at the end of show. They might not have been doing much with him storyline wise but at least they are getting some exposure.


Final Thoughts: The big news here was the return of Mr. Olympia. Other than that these shows have been stagnant as they are building up to the fallout from the eventual North American Heavyweight Title tournament.


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