Shut the f--- up already

Seriously, shut the f--- up about your obsession with Trump already.  If you actually bothered to do some research, you would know that the Stock Market has been at record highs since he was elected, unemployment is at a 17 year low, illegal immigration is down nearly 70%, the biggest tax cut for the middle class ever is on it's way, and the budget was just balanced.  So go ahead now and call me a "racist", or "misogynist", or whatever other stupid label because you can't logically argue anymore like the rest of the left.

I'd worry about my own country and the pussy leading it if I were you, and try to figure out why you pay much higher taxes than the U.S. despite having 1/10th the population.  

P.S.-Trump's mentor was not KKK Grand Wizard, Democratic Senator Robert Byrd;  That was Hilary Clinton's.  Also, Trump did not call black people "super predators" and latino people "needy"  That was also Hilary Clinton.  Pass that on to the race-baiting nitwits that infest your board like vermin, would you please?  Thanks,  Jumbo.  

Again, why is there only two options?  Can I not subscribe to a conservative idealogy and yet think Trump is a worthless tool?