Power plant and Dwayne Bruce

Hello Scott,

Not too long ago there was chatter about Bill DeMott being in charge of the performance center prior to resigning, and speculation on how he wasn't a big name. I personally am ok with lower to middle careers being trainers. Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor, Albert, they certainly knew what they were doing and could handle the duties of training people.

But how did Dwayne Bruce get in charge of training for the Power Plant? Was he ever a big figure in the indie scene, or was he always enhancement talent? I only know him as a jobber, either with State Patrol, the Leprechaun, or Sgt Buddy Lee Parker, other than the brief run with Goldberg where Goldberg credit him with training him. Then again, Bruce's training is said to have contributed to Goldberg's eventual injuring of Bret Hart. Also, there's the story from Batista about his hazing tactics on those applying with the Power Plant.

So how did he get that position? And what's your opinion of his training style in comparison to other head trainers? I guess history shows that only one of his students actually made it big, so perhaps that's all the answer I need.

​Yeah, I'm not 100% sure how he ended up with the job, either.  He was never a guy who was known for being a great or even particularly good worker.  He certainly wasn't any kind of big name on the indy scene.  And from what guys like Batista talked about, his training was usually forcing new recruits to do squats for hours until they puked and gave up.  Because WCW, I guess.​