Current Product

While I am nostalgic for the old days of wrestling, I know it's never going to change from it's current product. Writers and bookers today lack creativity and could mask it in the past with a bloody beating, harsh language, weapons, etc. The same can be said for character development. A guy is weak on the mike, make him curse, or throw a bloody beating and the character and feud will get over.

The writers today do not have that crutch to lean on and the characters seem light and generic as well as the heels. The writing does not help and many feuds don't compel. I remember watching Prime Time match between Tito and Valentine, it had to be 1990 or so, and when Tito and Greg exchanged you remembered the feud because of the intensity which was from strong booking and creative. That is what's missing and the PG era took away. 

​Yeah, but I don't particularly miss blood and I'd be fine if I never saw another guy swing a chair for the rest of my time watching wrestling.  ​Guys like Tito and Valentine got over because they were strong characters and great workers, not because of blood or swearing.  You can still have great characters in the PG era.