worst finish to a match

Good afternoon, Scott –


I was reading the recap of Starrcade 1993, and one of the match summaries caught my eye:


The Shockmaster defeated King Kong after a body slam (DUD)


I couldn’t believe it, so I went and looked it up on the Network…and sure enough, the match ended after a freaking BODY SLAM. So that got me thinking –


What’s the worst finishing move/sequence you’ve seen to end a match? I think I remember Al Perez ending a squash match with a single punch once, so that was always my gold standard….until the Shockmaster.


Also, you can’t include matches that were ended due to injury (Austin/Owen) or anything related to Dino Bravo….because he was the worst. The absolute worst.


Dino Bravo Sucks.




​Davey Boy Smith?  
I think some of the dumbest involved Harlem Heat around the time of Starrcade and Battlebowl, where they'd be in tag matches on more than one occasion where one member of the team would be pinned and the other is LITERALLY standing right beside him and magically unable to break up the pin, because they were actually supposed to be brawling somewhere else and missed their cue.  
And my pet peeve for years was Survivor Series matches where someone would get pinned with a transition move, like Ted Dibiase clotheslining guys and then just pinning them.  But Al Perez punching a jobber for the win is pretty hard to top.