PWG 2017 Battle of Los Angeles, Stage Two

You can read my recap of Stage One here

September 2, 2008

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur and Chuck Taylor


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: Trevor Lee vs. Donovan Dijak

Dijak poses on the middle rope before the bell but Lee sneaks up from behind and takes him off with a German suplex before flipping off the crowd. However, Dijak is able to block an apron soccer kick then hits a Feast Your Eyes on the floor. Dijak rolls Lee inside and tries a springboard move but is met with an upkick. Lee uses a small package for a two count then the two go back-and-forth until Dijak catches him with a backbreaker then a slam. Lee pulls the ref in front of him to avoid a dive then while on the apron, shoves Dijak into the ref and takes him down with a mushroom stomp. Back inside, Lee hammers away as the crowd starts up a dueling chant. Dijak is knocked outside then heads back in only for Lee to whip him back over the top rope. Lee continues to beat on Dijak and whips him into the corner. Lee starts flexing as the crowd chants for Keith Lee then Dijak comes back with an overhead suplex as both men are down. Dijak hits a super kick but eats boot on a charge. Dijak cuts Lee off of the top with a kick then hits a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Lee escapes from Dijak’s shoulder with an eye rake then hits a few uppercuts then stomps the fingers. Lee deadlifts Dijak for a bridging German suplex as that gets two. Dijak comes back and hits a chokebreaker for a two count as both men are down again. Dijak gets up top where Lee tries to take him off with a German but Dijak flips off and lands on his feet and we get a great back-and-forth sequence ending with Lee hitting the crossbody killer for a nearfall. Dijak then comes back with a super kick and slingshots Lee in the corner across his shoulders to hit the Feast Your Eyes for the win (11:39) ***3/4.

Thoughts: The last few minutes of this was excellent and it was a damn fine match to open the show. Lee’s heel work in PWG is tremendous while Dijak, who had a great showing the previous night tagging with Keith Lee against the Chosen Bros, had another strong performance in this match as a singles wrestler.


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: “Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs. Sammy Guevara

This is Janela’s PWG debut. He was a last minute replacement for the injured TK Cooper. They start off by flipping each other off then go back-and-forth until Janela rolls outside after being hit with a dropkick. Guevara flies out with a tope then rolls Janela inside and plays up to the crowd but Janela ends up flying out with a tope of his own. Guevara takes Janela off of the apron with a super kick then takes him out with a shooting star press to the floor as the crowd starts a “holy shit”chant. Back inside, Guevara whips Janela into the corner before getting just a one count with a Samoan Drop. Guevara poses on the ropes but Janela takes him off and runs him into the corner. They start trading kicks to the back then Guevara hits a standing shooting star press as Janela kept rolling away from his other moves. Janela comes back with a package slam then heads outside to grab two chairs. Janela sets up a chair in the corner but gets kicked down. Guevara takes him out of the corner with a monkey flip as Janela sat in the chair but the leg broke on the landing. Janela then catches Guevara with a Death Valley Driver onto the chair for two. Janela kicks Guevara outside then flies out with a plancha that wipes out Guevara. Back inside, Janela gets a nearfall with a double stomp from the top rope. Guevara is on the apron so Janela tries a flipping senton but misses and thuds on the apron before falling outside. Janela just beats the twenty count then Guevara hits a springboard senton for a two count. Guevara sets up for the 450 but Janela moves out of the way then locks on the STF. He transitions into a crossface but Guevara is able to roll through and get his foot on the ropes. They start trading strikes and end up knocking each other down with a double clothesline. Janela hits a spinning back fist and follows with a lariat. Guevara kicks back and hits a curb stomp for two then looks at the chair and picks it up. Janela knocks him down with a rolling elbow and sits him down in the chair. He heads up top for a swanton but misses and smashes the chair then Guevara picks him up and hits the Burning Hammer but Janela is just able to kick out as the crowd is going mental. Janela comes back with a super kick but Guevara takes him down with a reverse hurricarana then hits a 630 splash for the win (14:05) ****1/4.

Thoughts: On paper, this was the match garnered the least amount of excitement due to both men not being as popular as the rest of the field. However, these two went out and busted their asses and had the crowd behind them the entire way. They really capitalized on their opportunity here. This was a wild match that was all action. Janela deserves to return to PWG based off of this (and he did this past weekend at All Star Weekend 13) and this did a lot to raise the stock of both men.


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: Mark Haskins vs. Travis Banks

This is the PWG debut of Banks. These two start off by going back-and-forth on the mat. After ending in a stalemate they start kicking each other as Haskins wins that battle. Banks gets dumped then avoids a dive so Haskins runs out of the other side for a tope. He seats Banks in a chair and hits a chop then hits a running bicycle kick. Haskins sets up for another kick but is cut off. They throw chairs at each other until Banks boots it in Haskins’ face. Back inside, Haskins regains control with some stiff kicks. He gets a two count with a knee drop then targets the arm for a bit. Haskins gets two with a kick to the face then Banks starts to fight back. Banks hits several kicks then take out Haskins’ leg. He sends Haskins outside with a knee smash and hits a pair of topes. Back inside, he takes Haskins into the tree-of-woe with a lungblower and follows with a cannonball for two. Haskins heads out where Banks takes him down with a soccer kick from the apron. He seats Haskins down and takes him out with a cannonball as both men wipe out hard. Banks is up first and rolls Haskins inside where he hits a Kiwi Krusher for two. Haskins catches Banks with the Star Armbar after a reversal sequence but Banks is able to reach the ropes. Both men are down again after a flurry then get up and slug it out until Haskins hangs up in the ropes and gets hit with a super kick. Haskins then rolls through and scoops up Banks for a Samoan Driver that gets two as both men are down. Haskins catches Banks in an ankle lock but Banks rolls through with the Lion’s Clutch and they reverse their finishers until Banks kicks Haskins into the corner. Banks then hits a jumping enziguiri and covers as the ref apparently counts three but the bell does not ring so the ref yells at the timekeeper to ring the bell (17:17) ***1/4.

Thoughts: I liked both wrestlers and they are technically sound. They worked a very good match but it did not kick into the next gear like others have during this tournament and the finish was a complete mess, to no fault of their own. I’m glad to see Banks advance as he has had a tremendous 2017 and a talent whose stock is on the rise.


LDRS (Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. Ricochet & Matt Sydal

Scurll & Ricochet were attacked during their entrance. The LDRS stay on the attack and beat them up on the outside. The bell finally rings and we get a reversal sequence leading to Ricochet & Sydal taking control. They take out the LDRS with topes then do it again as this time Ricochet sits on a chair and swigs from a pitcher of beer. Back inside, Ricochet & Sydal stay in control. They hit a standing moonsault/shooting star press combo on Sabre for two. Ricochet taunts Scurll by using his chants then starts beating on Sabre. Sydal tags in and stays on the attack as Taylor says he keeps in shape with yoga and drugs. Scurll takes out his opponents then dances to mock Ricochet as Sabre stretches out Sydal. The LDRS cut off the ring with submission holds then takes Sydal outside and beat him down some more. The LDRS toy with Sydal who fights back and tags out as Ricochet runs wild. Scurll catches Ricochet with a clothesline and sets up for the chicken wing but Ricochet catches him with an enziguiri and tags out. Sydal hits Sabre with a meteora for two then nearly puts Sabre away with a cradle driver as Scurll made the save. Ricochet tags in then the match breaks down as everyone is out on the mat. Sydal & Ricochet hit Sabre with a double roundhouse kick but Scurll puts out the referee so he cannot make the count. Sydal and Scurll fight outside where Sabre locks Ricochet in a double arm bar as Scurll now as Sydal in a chicken wing. Now, the LDRS are on the top rope working submission holds but get shoved off. Ricochet & Sydal set up for SSP’s but Scurll shoves the ref into the ropes to cut off Sydal. Sabre then catches Ricochet with a triangle choke but Ricochet lifts him up for a bomb. Scurll puts Ricochet in a chicken wing but Sydal breaks that up with a shooting star press. Sydal then comes off of the top with a hurricarana but Sabre rolls through and gets the win (21:07) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match. The heat segment on Sydal was tremendous as LDRS continue to succeed as a heel act in PWG and Ricochet running wild near the end was also great. This was a lot of fun to watch.


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: Jeff Cobb vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan attacks Cobb before the bell. He yells at the crowd but that allows Cobb time to get up and hit a running elbow smash. Cobb hits a delayed superplex then beats on Callihan on the outside. Cobb tries to pull Callihan up onto the apron but Callihan puts the ring skirt over his head and hammers away. Callihan takes Cobb off of the apron with a springboard clothesline and tries a tope but Cobb catches him. Callihan slips out and catches Cobb with an exploder then tries to run around the ring to hit a cannonball but Cobb catches him in the chair and hits an apron powerbomb. Back inside, Cobb overpowers Callihan. He places Callihan up top but is eventually hit with the X Factor that gets two. Callihan gets two with a Death Valley Driver then they mess up Cobb’s swinging suplex spot so Cobb catches him again to complete the spot. Callihan takes Cobb down with a sunset flip and uses the stretch muffler but Cobb gets out and hits the Tour of the Islands as Callihan is able to kick out. Cobb is shocked then sends Callihan down with a headbutt but Callihan reverses a Tour of the Islands with a crucifix. Callihan heads up the middle rope but Cobb catchs him and finally hits the Tour of the Islands for the win (11:42) **1/2.

Thoughts: This match was fine but easily the weakest of the first round matches. They messed up a few spots and it hit a lull at one point but the story of Cobb trying to hit his finish at the end was weird to me since he hit it before using it for the win and Sami kicked out. And why have Sami be the one of the first ones to kick out of that move in a first round BOLA match?


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: Michael Elgin vs. Matt Riddle

These two shake hands then start on the mat where Riddle takes the advantage. Riddle takes Elgin down with a waistlock then silences the crowd and points into the crowd and said “even Ronda Rousey saw that shit.” So, Elgin tosses Riddle this time and lounges on the ropes as the crowd chants for Elgin. They trade strikes until Elgin takes him down with a shoulder tackle as he mocks Riddle by saying Rousey that. Elgin plants Riddle with a slam to avoid a bicycle kick then hammers away. Riddle is caught in the ropes so Elgin slingshots in with a flipping neckbreaker. Elgin gets two with a Vader Bomb but Riddle fights back. He hits an exploder from the corner and follows with a senton for a two count. Riddle now hits rolling gutwrenches but soon after that Elgin drops him with an elbow smash. Elgin catches Riddle with an uranage then comes off of the top with a stomp to the neck. Falcon Arrow gets two. Riddle comes back with a knee smash and the Bro to Sleep. Bridging German suplex gets two. Riddle works a front facelock but Elgin rams him into the corner. Riddle heads up top but is cut off then they trade strikes until Elgin hits a lariat. Elgin takes Riddle down with a hurricarana then hits the Jerry Lynn leg drop on the apron. Elgin sits down and gets fanned down by the fans before heading up top. Elgin jumps off and hits a super kick then a tiger bomb. He heads back up top now and hits a splash for a two count. Elgin hits a buckle bomb then a Splash Mountain but Riddle is just able to kick out. The crowd is chanting for both guys then Elgin sets up for the Burning Hammer but Riddle flips out and tries to put on the Bromission. They then reverese tombstone attempts until Riddle hits Elgin with a Gotch-style tombstone for the win (18:33) ****1/4.

Thoughts: Another excellent match between these two. It was wrestled almost like a NJPW match and the crowd was into both men, who put on one hell of a performance. I liked the finish as Riddle had to hit something new to put Elgin away. This is also worth seeking out.


PWG BOLA 1st Round Match: WALTER vs. Keith Lee

This is WALTER’s PWG debut. They start off with a stare down then WALTER grounds Lee with a front facelock. WALTER stretches out Lee for a bit until Lee gets his foot on the ropes. Lee takes a breather outside then re-enters and starts stretching out WALTER. Both men now try to knock each other down then Lee attempts a leap frog and gets taken down with a lariat. WALTER then slams Lee after a struggle as that gets two. WALTER chops Lee down but Lee comes back with a shoulder tackle. They now trade chops and really lay into each other until WALTER gets behind and locks on a sleeper. Lee escapes and they trade suplexes where both men get right up and go back to trading chops. WALTER locks on another sleeper then hits a German suplex when Lee grabs the ropes. WALTER hits a butterfly suplex as both men are down. They trade strikes until Lee hits a rolling elbow for a nearfall. Lee hits a STO in the corner that gets two then heads up top but WALTER cuts him off. WALTER climbs up too and takes him off with a butterfly suplex as both men are down. WALTER finally gets himself together and tries for a powerbomb but Lee fights him off. WALTER chops Lee so hard you see the sweat fly off of his chest. Lee then catches WALTER with the Spirit Bomb but that only gets two as both men are back down on the mat. Lee breaks up a sleeper with a judo throw but WALTER sends him into the corner with a shotgun dropkick. WALTER hits a running kick then starts to run wild. He turns Lee inside out with a clothesline as the crowd goes nuts but that only gets two. WALTER goes back to the sleeper then takes Lee down for a rear choke. Lee breaks that up by getting on top of WALTER, whose shoulders were down. WALTER lands some stiff shots but Lee catches him with a spinebuster as both men are down. WALTER tries to take Lee off of the top with a German suplex but that gets blocked so he switches his position and hits a powerbomb for a two count. They trade more chops until WALTER kicks Lee’s leg out. WALTER pumps up and goes for the sleeper but Lee gets his arm free and turns it into a Jackhammer for the win (19:41) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Excellent big man match. However, I felt like they could have done even more and probably could have if not for the extremely hot temperature inside of the building. These guys are both over 300 lbs and were drenched in sweat but to their credit managed to pace themselves well. Regardless, they laid into each other with stiff strikes and the crowd was really into Lee as they also appreciated WALTER.


Flamita & Lucha Bros vs. The Elite (Young Bucks & Kenny Omega)

Matt and Fenix start this off as the crowd is jacked. They end up in a stalemate after a reversal sequence then Nick and Flamita tag into the match and work a really good fast-paced sequence. Penta and Omega tag in and the crowd goes mental. They talk trash then shove each other. Omega slaps Penta and gets chopped in return then they trade strikes. Penta takes Omega down with a sling blade but the Young Bucks come in to block a package piledriver attempt. The Elite have their dive attempts foiled as the Luchadores drag them outside and hit crazy diving attacks of their own. The Elite fight back and take the match back inside as they work over Fenix. They take Penta & Flamita off of the apron and go back to beating on Fenix. Omega is on the apron facing the crowd and is waiting for Fenix’s arm so he can work it over but Fenix reverses and gives him Nick’s instead. Omega keeps wrenching it back as he realizes what is happening then goes over to his partner. Fenix runs wild briefly until Omega catches him with a backbreaker as The Elite are now back in control of the match. Scurll runs out and puts his feet in the corner with the Bucks but Fenix reverses an Irish whip and sends Omega into his partners. Fenix fights off brainbuster attempts by everyone then the match breaks down with The Elite hitting stereo suplexes. Fenix then fights off The Elite and crawls over to his corner and makes the tag as Penta & Flamita run wild. We get an insane sequence with everyone hitting crazy moves at a fast pace that draws a “this is awesome” chant. Omega now runs wild an hits Dragon suplexes. The Elite does some comedy before hitting Penta with a triple super kick then hang up all three men in the ropes as Nick comes off the top with a swanton. They cover and only get two then Flamita catches Omega with a Spanish Fly. The Lucha Bros take toss the Bucks outside then Fenix takes Penta off the top with a rana and onto The Elite. Back inside, Flamita & Penta nearly put Omega away and this leads to a spot with The Elite using triple sharpshooters while being able to do the “Too Sweet” hand gesture. Fenix breaks up a Double Meltzer Driver attempt and everyone trades moves until Flamita is hit with the V Trigger. Flamita takes some more punishment then Nick flies out on the Lucha Bros before Flamita is hit with an assisted Meltzer Driver then Omega puts him away with the One-Winged Angel (27:06) ****.

Thoughts: This was shown on my DVD without commentary and in RAW footage. The atmosphere for the match was a blast and the Penta vs. Omega segment at the beginning was nuts. I would love to see those two in a singles match. We had comedy, high-flying craziness, and even some solid wrestling during the heat segment on Fenix. A great way to cap off Night Two.


Final Thoughts: A tremendous show. Even without anything I’d consider a MOTYC, there were plenty of excellent matches and fun moments. The 1st round of the tournament was a success and while I thought last year’s Night Two might have been better overall, this was probably more consistent. Much like the first night, I highly recommend this show.


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