WWF Superstars of Wrestling – August 18th, 1990

August 18, 1990

From the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha, NE

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon. This would be Jesse’s final appearance on “Superstars of Wrestling” as he quit the company.

In action this week are Macho King Randy Savage, Tugboat, Hart Foundation, and Bad News Brown. Plus, a SummerSlam Report and more!


Hart Foundation vs. Al Burke & Tom Stone

The announcers talk about the Hart Foundation facing Demolition for the Tag Team Titles as SummerSlam as the Hart Foundation beat on Stone. We hear from the Hart Foundation in an insert promo as they tell Demolition they do not care which two members show up as long as they bring the belt then they put Stone away with the Hart Attack (1:47).

Thoughts: More hype for the SummerSlam Tag Team Title match.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This is about last week when the “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich challenged Mr. Perfect to an Intercontinental Title match. We then hear from Mr. Perfect & Bobby Heenan, as they accept the challenge but promise Kerry it will backfire and explode in his face. Kerry then tells us he feels the best he has in his life and at SummerSlam, we will find out Mr. Perfect is not perfect. The big news here is that Kerry vs. Perfect is now official for SummerSlam as the card is completed.


Jim Evans vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri

Sherri holds up a Savage “wrestling buddy” on her way to the ring. Savage backs Evans into the ropes then hammers away. He then tosses him outside and flies out with a double ax handle before rolling Evans inside where he puts him away with the flying elbow drop (1:11). After the match, Sherri whips Evans with the wrestling buddy.

Thoughts: Savage with the easy win as they had Sherri put over the wrestling buddy. There was more focus on that than their feuds with Dusty & Sapphire.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund.


Tom Bennett & Black Bart vs. The Rockers

Marty works over Bart then does the same to Bennett. Jesse talks about a “WWF Magazine” article on the Rockers feud with Power & Glory then Marty hits Bennett with the Rocker Dropper then The Rockers use a double flying fist drop for the win (1:59).

Thoughts: The feud between Rockers and Power & Glory is getting a lot of attention as it has replaced the Rhythm & Blues/Bushwhackers as the lower card tag team feud.


Brother Love Show with guests Jimmy Hart, Earthquake, and Dino Bravo. Jimmy shows us the back of his jacket, which says that Hulkamania is dead. Bravo then says he will make sure Tugboat will not be doing anything come SummerSlam and Earthquake tells Hogan he made a mistake by returning. Earthquake then promises to send Hogan back to the Hospital at SummerSlam as Hulkamania will finally die. Solid but basic heel promo here from Earthquake.


Clips of the Bad News Brown interview from “Wrestling Challenge” where he fed a t-bone steak to his sewer rats.


Bad News Brown vs. Jim Powers

Powers avoids a sneak attack and hits a dropkick but Bad News fights back. We hear from Jake in an insert promo as he tells Bad News to bring his rats because he knows a “little bit more.” Bad News cuts off a comeback then drops Powers throat across the top rope. He stays in control then outsmarts Powers before hitting a clothesline then the Ghetto Blaster for the win (3:23). After the match, Powers gets tossed outside.

Thoughts: The Bad News/Jake feud still chews up a lot of TV time even though its floundering.


Tugboat vs. Bob Bradley

Bradley hammers away but gets caught and slammed. Jesse talks about Hogan hating all of the Hulkamaniacs for wanting him to come back when he loses at SummerSlam but Bravo runs in an attacks Tugboat from behind for the DQ (0:47). Tugboat fights back but Earthquake runs in to beat Tugboat. They hit Tugboat with a double slam then Earthquake hits a sit-down splash before mocking Hogan. He hits a few more splashes as Jesse says there will be no one in Hogan’s corner now but the Big Bossman runs in with his nightstick and beats on Bravo before chasing Earthquake away. Jesse says there will be no SummerSlam for Tugboat then laughs when the stretcher pulls up as he praises Hart for his plan.

Thoughts: The attack on Tugboat came off well and Jesse was brilliant on commentary the entire time in his final match called on “Superstars of Wrestling.” Bossman running in for the save was unexpected but now its clear where they are going at SummerSlam.


Back after the Event Center, Bossman helps the medics load Tugboat on the stretcher as the camera shows a female fan crying while Jesse mocks Tugboat to end the show. I liked how they ended the show with this rather than the generic plug for next week’s show.


Final Thoughts: The big news is that Tugboat appears out of SummerSlam but with Big Bossman making the save it would seem that he will take his place in Hogan’s corner. Also, the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam is all set as there is just one more show until the PPV.