Dusty’s NWA booking

Since I watched very little of NWA (pre-89 WCW), could you please elaborate how Dusty's booking (Dusty finishes, way too long Flair heel title reigns, putting himself over tons of times, making Luger look like a major choke artist etc) killed lots of territories for JCP, before they were bought by Turner.

Always fascinating to read your great viscious NWA/JCP rants from 83-88, and your Dusty hate shines through throughout, and I guess for good reason?

Why did Dusty keep on booking himself that strong, and do all these horrible booking decisions?

​They weren't all horrible, but overall Dusty had one or two really good ideas that he used WAY too many times.  The Dusty Finish pops a crowd the first time it's used, but if you screw the fans over and over, they stop buying tickets pretty quickly.  ​