Canadian “Violence”?!

Scott, not sure if you have heard, but Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega had a Twitter exchange over the weekend.
It started out with a fan commenting that the Okada/Omega match from the G1 Climax made Kenny “The Best in the World by far”.
Jericho replied with:
“Best in the world, Kenny isn’t even the best in Winnipeg.”
Jericho then went on a blocking spree with anyone who disagreed with him.
Kenny then said:
“Well jeez, what can I say? Never meet your heroes, folks, lest they be a corporate stooge.”
Jericho replied with:
“Corporate stooge…or 6time world champion who’s main evented in the big leagues for 17 years? Watch your mouth kid.”
It doesn’t make sense since Kenny was a guest on Jericho’s podcast when he took a break after WrestleKingdom.
Do you think this is a work or legitimate?

​Total work.  Both guys know how the game is played.​