TLC prediction

What are the chances that WWE uses this opportunity to do a Balor Club reunion and have Gallows/Anderson help Finn beat AJ. This allows for obvious transition to Raw vs. SDL at Survivor Series with Team Balor vs. Team AJ. Finn then uses the momentum to challenge Brock at the Rumble and we can even some cool Balor Club vs. Shield matches out of it.

What you think?

Given how humorless they've been about the Being the Elite nonsense, I'd say there's not a snowball's chance in hell of tempting fans to start chanting for the Bullet Club on TV.  That being said, a heel turn for Balor is badly needed at this point, so it might be worth the risk.  Hell, just turn 'em all and do it full-on with AJ, Finn, Gallows and Anderson.