Mid-South Wrestling – February 24th, 1983

February 24, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Buddy Nichols

This week, Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne will face off against Mr. Wrestling II & Junkyard Dog. Also in action are Tiger Conway Jr, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Kamala, and more!


The last five minutes or so of last month’s Chavo Guerrero vs. Gino Hernandez match that saw Chavo win are shown. After that, Pierce hypes up the North American Title Tournament


Sonny Rogers vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Rogers tries a sneak attack but Conway was ready. Conway grounds Rogers for a while then the two trade kicks in the corner. Conway uses a pair of flying headscissors then grabs a headlock. Conway hits a backdrop then hits a flying headbutt from the middle rope for the win (3:11).

Thoughts: Conway looked better here than he did last week. He showed off some athleticism but was not that over or anything.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tony Torres

Torres crawls underneath Duggan and hits a dropkick. Duggan brushes away a second dropkick then hammers away. He catches Torres with a slam then drops an elbow before grabbing a front facelock and soon after that gets the win with a spear (2:21).

Thoughts: Another easy win for Duggan to put him over strong. His heel work at this time was top notch stuff.


Mike Bond vs. Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Kim Chee

Kamala hammers away as Watts replaces Nichols on commentary. Watts talks about Andre the Giant wanting a piece of Kamala, who stays in control until putting Bond away with a pair of splashes (1:24). After the match, Conway comes into the ring to tell Akbar that he wants to face Kamala and issues a challenge whenever he is ready. Akbar calls Conway a “little monkey” and that he’ll send him back to Houston with his tail between his legs. Akbar then waves Kamala inside and eats a dropkick from Conway as we have another match.

Thoughts: Interesting angle as they have Conway come out and challenge Kamala, who put away another opponent with ease.


Kamala w/ Skandor Akbar & Kim Chee vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Conway fires away but it does have much effect. They slug it out as Watts says they are showing “animalistic instinct” in their brawling. Conway tries to use his speed to his advantage but Duggan runs in and spears him for the DQ (1:25). Conway falls outside as Watts says Duggan must be upset over his match against Conway last week.

Thoughts: After getting disqualified last week, Duggan gets revenge on Conway as I guess they are building up to another match between the two.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Wrestling II

This is a non-title match. These teams start brawling before the bell as JYD & Mr. Wrestling end up clearing the ring. Things settle down as JYD beats on DiBiase. Mr. Wrestling tags and hits a power knee lift to both men then beats on DiBiase. Watts tells us that Mr. Olympia will return next week as JYD & Mr. Wrestling stay in control. We also learn that JJ Dillon will be here with Kendo Nagasaki as he plugs the North American Title Tournament. Well, Dillon was here shown on video anyway. JYD gets a two count with a headbutt then he stretches out DiBiase for a bit. DiBiase gets knocked over the top rope as Borne wants a DQ for an intentional throw. The match breaks down as JYD & Mr. Wrestling still stay on control. DiBiase accidentally knocks the ref outside then Duggan runs in to spear Mr. Wrestling out of the ring then sets up for JYD but Conway runs in and cuts him off with a chair shot. Kamala is in now as the ref calls for the DQ (6:10) **. We get more brawling until JYD clears the heels with a chair before helping the ref to his feet as they get the win.

Thoughts: With the way JYD & MR. Wrestling II dominated this match you could tell there was going to be a screwy finish. The brawling at the end was good though but since his return the JYD vs. Rat Pack stuff has not been all that hot.


We get a video package on Kendo Nagasaki that is narrated by his manager, JJ Dillon. The same we saw a month or so ago that hyped his debut.


“Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki vs. Joe Stark

Nagasaki spews green mist and twirls around before beating on Stark. He hits a thrust kick then twirls around before making the cover as that gets the win (1:01).

Thoughts: Not much of a debut here to be honest but Nagasaki is obviously being built up for someone though.


Kelly Kiniski & Marty Lunde vs. Tim Horner & Art Crews

Crews takes Lunde down with a pair of arm drags. Kiniski tags in as Crews & Horner work him over for a bit. Kiniski hits Horner with a forearm then gets a two count with a backbreaker. Lunde is back in and hits an uppercut but Horner fights back. The match breaks down now then Kiniski ducks outside and his partner soon follows. Horner slams Lunde now then tries to get the win with a small package. Kiniski tags in and boots Horner down and hits a backbreaker for a two count then the bell signaling curfew rings as the show ends (3:43).

Thoughts: Just some filler to close out the show. Lunde and Horner continue to impress in their roles as lower card talent.


Final Thoughts: This was a dull show. There isn’t much going on now as they are building up to the North American Title tournament. The action was forgettable and so was everything else for that matter.