What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – June 10, 1995

Jerry Lawler notes how much his feet stink and that he would not want to be Aldo Montoya later in today’s show.

Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix are in charge of commentary and they are taped from Wheeling, West Virginia.  The tapings were held on June 6 and historyofwwe.com says that they drew 3,800 fans.

Opening Contest:  Sid & Tatanka (w/Ted DiBiase) defeat John Crystal & Matt Corey after Tatanka pins Corey after the End of the Trail at 3:43:

Since The King of the Ring is in two weeks we get a preview of what the Sid-Tatanka pairing looks like, which is not all that pretty because both men lay in their boring, methodical heel offense on the job squad they are matched up against.  The crowd does work up a loud “Diesel” chant when Sid is on offense so at least the WWF champion is over in this corner of the country.  Corey takes the fall after Tatanka forces Crystal to tag him in.  McMahon says that this match is an advantage for Sid and Tatanka because they get to train before The King of the Ring and Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel cannot do so because of Diesel’s recent injury.

WWF Champion Diesel, shown in the split screen, tells the announcers that he is somewhat behind in his recovery and has not been able to hit the gym.  Diesel shows off his stitched elbow and says he is not concerned about not being able to tag with Bam Bam Bigelow before The King of the Ring.

Hakushi (w/Shinja) (17-1) beats David Haskins via count out at 2:58:

Haskins was a name in Memphis during the late 1980s and mid-1990s so since the WWF is close to that territory he is called upon to do some television jobs.  Shinja gets involved by tripping Haskins when he runs the ropes and Hakushi takes advantage, getting over with the fans in the front row for doing a pescado, and Haskins cannot recover from that and is counted out.  That is a really strange finish, which makes me wonder if Haskins was hurt taking the move.

Footage of the time limit draw between Owen Hart and the British Bulldog in a King of the Ring qualifying match on RAW is shown.

Stephanie Wiand keeps putting over the New York area house show circuit, revealing how Shawn Michaels won the twenty-man battle royal at the Nassau Coliseum.  Ted DiBiase yells at Michaels for getting in his business at the Nassau Coliseum when he interfered in a Bam Bam Bigelow-Sid match and promises that Sid is going to destroy him at Madison Square Garden.  Sid reminds the audience that Michaels was laid out for two months when he powerbombed him several times on RAW and suddenly Michaels attacks Sid and they brawl until the camera cuts away.

Razor Ramon (13-2-1) pins Bill Payne after a Razor’s Edge at 2:39:

All signs point to Ramon as a significant threat to win The King of the Ring since he is doing well in his feud with Jeff Jarrett and has more star power than anyone on the bottom half of the bracket so far.  In fact, a Ramon-Roadie match seems like a possibility for the semi-finals.  During the bout, Ramon says he does not care who wins between Lex Luger and Yokozuna on RAW, the winner of which will face him in the first round of the tournament.  Ramon smacks Payne around as per usual, creating separation between the wins and losses on his record.

Bob Backlund tells people that he is going to require them to listen to classical music and that rock n’ roll has had a “deleterious effect on society” as shown in the national crime rate.  One problem with that argument is that crime rates went down in the 1990s!

Two fans that are dressed like goths, who McMahon calls “Creatures of the Night”, are shown sitting at ringside.

Kama (w/Ted DiBiase) (15-0) beats Buck Quartermaine via submission to a cross armbreaker at 1:29:

Kama is somewhat distracted by the Creatures of the Night, who place a black wreath over the ringside barrier.  Kama makes quick work of Quartermaine and then yells at the Creatures of the Night, tearing up the wreath and telling them that he is not afraid of the Undertaker.

Wiand announces that the Grand Wizard will also be inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame to go along with Antonino Rocca, Ivan Puttski, Ernie Ladd, and the Fabulous Moolah.

Barry Didinski is backstage and hypes “mat caps,” the WWF’s version of pogs, a big toy craze that rose and fizzled out quickly in 1995.  The Heavenly Bodies are busy playing with them backstage with a man dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland, who Didinski refers to as “the Mat Capper.”  Call 1-800-TITAN-91 to get sixty-six “mat caps”, a five-inch WWF play mat, and a gold slammer.  You can also get a “Just Slam It!” t-shirt to go with it for $25!  After the segment, McMahon asks Hendrix if he would buy a used car from Didinski, continuing a trend of announcers making fun of Didinski after his segments.

The Smoking Gunns (11-2-1) defeat Duane Gill & Mike Sharpe when Billy pins Sharpe after a Sidewinder at 3:32:

Kristin Breiding, sporting a Shawn Michaels t-shirt, is the special fan guest ring announcer and she cannot be heard over the Gunns theme music and the commentators.  Like the pairing of Barry Horowitz and the Brooklyn Brawler, Gill and Sharpe constitute a team of WWF jobber all-stars.  They fare better than many of the Gunns opponents, forcing the Gunns to brawl with them on the floor for a short time after Billy misses a dive and goes over the top rope, but Sharpe falls victim to a Sidewinder, preventing an upset on today’s show.

A new Waylon Mercy vignette is shown.  He shows us a rock and says he is creating a river by throwing it into some water.  He says he is going to create a big wave when he drops himself into the WWF.

Jerry Lawler (2-0) pins Aldo Montoya (9-4) after a piledriver at 4:55:

Lawler has arguably the most impressive record in the company to this point, sporting two wins over Bret Hart and that is more than many superstars got in their entire careers when Bret became a main event-level talent in late 1992.  Lawler works a slow style, but does a great job drawing heat from the crowd and taunts Bret Hart by yelling into the camera.  Montoya eats a piledriver after he puts his head down too early on a whip and after the bell Lawler makes Montoya chew on his toes a bit.  And to think a month prior to this Montoya had a victory over Jeff Jarrett and had a chance to win the Intercontinental championship.  Rating:  *

Wiand does some more Live Event News.  Shawn Michaels cuts a brief promo about how he is coming for Sid at Madison Square Garden.

We get an instant replay of Montoya eating the King’s feet because seeing it one time just was not enough.

Tune in next week to see Bret Hart wrestle Henry Godwinn!

The Last Word:  There was some good storyline development on this episode, with a more direct burn given to the Undertaker-Kama feud due to the appearances of the “Creatures of the Night” as well as Jerry Lawler beating a lower midcard talent to put over his ill kept feet for his match with Bret Hart at The King of the Ring.  The latter was pretty disgusting, though, and having the King get his comeuppance in a cage match or something like that would have been easier to swallow and more rewarding for fans.

Up Next:  The Action Zone for June 11, 1995!