More Unreleased

Scott- with your Unreleased rant wrapped up, the question is do you see WWE doing more of these? Opinions are that its sold very well but with WWE getting out of home video what is the future of it? The potential is endless:

-There have to be thousands of hours of totally unaired stuff in the warehouse 
-There are tons of matches from international only showings in English       commentary (honky/savage v hogan/steamboat is a great example)
-There are likely hours of crockett/wcw unaired stuff…heck, I remember buying   a three tape set of 85-87 nwa stuff just like unreleased from highspots back in   the day single camera no commentary

The potential seems endless but what is the best way to capitalize? Oh and anything particular you'd like to see?

​Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee, obviously.  And I think just a straight second volume of this will sell even better because now people are buzzing about it.  In fact, it was sold out on Amazon for a while, and anecdotally I can tell you it was sold out everywhere here that actually carries WWE DVDs, so it was definitely a hit for them.  
Unfortunately I've been told the Crockett collection is in rough shape outside of the main TV shows, so it's unlikely there's much raw footage to sift through there.  They can barely put together PPVs for the Network sometimes!  Usually WCW didn't leave much on the cutting room floor, either:  There was a LOT of TV time to fill and they'd dump whatever leftovers they had on Pro or Prime or whatever.  
But hell, there should be enough tryouts and dark matches from TV tapings for ten of those sets.  Even stuff like the lost NXT pilot from 2011 that produced the Cesaro match on the Hidden Gems section of the Network and has never been seen otherwise.  ​