I’m concerned for the Singh Brothers

Hi, Scott,

With the announcement of Jinder vs. Brock, I'm legitimately concerned that the only way out of this without making either champ look profoundly bad will be for Brock to eat the distraction pin and then "get his heat back" by literally committing assault (and possibly involuntary manslaughter) against one or both of the Singh brothers. I get the strong impression that they are viewed as less than human by the back office – more animate props than men – and Orton certainly couldn't have cared less when he nearly snapped one of their necks (twice?). 

I think that's the plan. Brock loses via major distraction, then VIOLENTLY suplexes the Singh's either through something or directly down on the tops of their heads. I'm actually worried. I don't think it's going to end well for them.

Is there a more positive resolution that I'm just not seeing?

​It really, really feels like this is just something to do so that Lesnar works the show.  The only thing that matters is getting Reigns to another coronation, so it would be silly to beat Lesnar in any form.  It's gotta just be Brock destroying all three guys and pinning Jinder, or Jinder running away and the Singhs getting killed, whatever.  Brock might be all about the money, but Heyman at the very least would be smart enough to refuse doing a job to Jinder.​