How damaged was Strowman


   On the subject of the question about star breaking matches from last week, just how hurt do you think Strowman was by his loss to Brock? I know he has continued to look strong on Raw but he was being built up to be the guy to dethrone Lesner, or at least
only lose via shenanigans, and then he just lost clean to a single F5. I guess he can be built back up but it felt like it took away all of his momentum and aura. 

​I mean, it hurt him and I'm constantly mystified why Vince has a hard-on for every other big hoss that comes through their system, but he won't go all the way with Braun when he gets hot.  But that being said, they can easily rebuild him again, and if Undertaker does decide to come back one more time for Wrestlemania, there's your logical guy right there.  ​