Highspots Shoot Interview with The Mulkeys

This was filmed on August 20th, 2005

It runs at fifty-one minutes long


They started out in wrestling by setting up the rings for Horace “Hoss” Strickland’s International Wrestling Alliance promotion. Later on they briefly talked about starting out wrestling in their own backyards with a ring made out of a wooden platform and hoses at ropes. Both talk about doing ladder matches in the backyard as Randy also wanted to be a stuntman.


Randy said he started out in Georgia Championship Wrestling when he was 16 years old but when they found out he was that young they would not let him return without his parents permission. His parents declined so he waited until he turned 18 to return. He also talks about how much he loves wrestling and still watches every Monday and Thursday night. However, Bill said they took all the fun out of wrestling today and he no longer watches. Bill did not really say how he started but did work as enhancement talent against Krusher Kruschev shortly after a car accident.


On being enhancement talent, they talk about how teams like the Road Warriors, Midnight Express, and Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson would all argue over who got to face them each week. Bill said the Road Warriors roughed up a few other talents and after that only faced them on TBS until things smoothed over. The Mulkeys said they were the most trusted team in that spot and as a result started to gain more recognition.


They are now asked about some of the teams they worked against. Randy said it was brutal to work against the Road Warriors whenever they came back from Japan. He also talks about protecting himself at all times and always put himself in proper position and never went into a match thinking he was a superstar. Both guys also talk about taking good bumps and always coming back each week as that also got them a cult following. Both say the Midnight Express were the best team they ever faced then credit Jim Cornette for starting “Mulkeymania.”


They tell a story about Ray Traylor and how his truck got stolen from the TBS parking lot and blown up by a former inmate at the prison were he used to be a correctional officer. They confirm that Traylor wrestled as an enhancement talent against the Midnight Express Saturday morning on TBS then flew down to Greensboro, NC that same night and became “Big Bubba,” the bodyguard for Cornette.


On beating The Gladiators, they had no clue what was going to take place. They got to the building and no one knew they would win a first round match besides George South & Gary Jay (who were The Gladiators) as The Mulkeys said that is there highlight to get that one win on TBS, where they always got destroyed. They both talk about the reaction they got at the Crockett Cup as Bill said he was taken aback.


Bill talks about working in Florida and how they were promised an eventual title run but that never happened and they kept putting people over until the territory closed. After that, Bill said he only worked a few more shows on the Independents and stopped because found a lot of the guys were too inexperienced and hurting people. Randy said he left the business to be home with his family as both men got jobs outside of the business.


Bill now talks about Lex Luger and said he was extremely arrogant and would toss bags aside in the locker room to make room for his stuff and did not want to interact with anyone. He then says Luger should have been a “job guy” because he was not a worker at all but at the same time said he never had any personal problems with him.


We get a “rib” story. Bill said that the Mod Squad & Big Bubba poured Listerine inside of Randy’s jeans. Randy came back from the match and put his pants on then shortly after that he felt like he was on fire and had to take them off. So, Randy decided to get them back by pouring drained motor oil all over the windows of their car and they could not get it off thus were unable to drive home. Bill said that the Mod Squad & Bubba got them back for the motor oil prank by egging their car. He said this was fun and games that did not hurt anyone.


The DVD also had some bonus matches from people I’ve never heard from that took place at the fan convention the interview was filmed.


Final Thoughts: At only 52 minutes it was an easy listen. Both guys seemed to enjoy what they did in the NWA and knew their roles. They were selfless performers and did not hold any grudges. However, they did have aspirations to improve and after going to smaller territories with unfulfilled promises to grow, they quit the business. It wasn’t the most exciting interview but they told some fun stories. Unless you are fans of the mid to late 80’s Crockett, then I would not bother checking out.


You can purchase this on DVD for $9.99 or Digital Download for $5



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