Goldberg in WCW/2018 Rumble

Hey Scott,

Glad to see you enjoyed the Unreleased DVD. You're right; an incredibly fascinating and entertaining set of rarities.

Couple questions for you:

When Goldberg loses to Buff and Luger at WCW Sin in 2001 and has to 'retire,' to my knowledge he is not seen again before the company closes in March. Did they have specific plans for bringing him back? Any insight on the storyline? He wasn't done, was he?

And since looking forward to the Rumble gets me through the fall doldrums, do you have an early pick on the 2018 winner? They surely can't….they wouldn't….no way they could….put BIG DOG over AGAIN in Philly would they? That would kill that city for good,
no? Battleground, the punjabi prison and Great Khali did even more damage back in July I imagine.

Please, PLEASE tell me your sources know AJ is ending Jinder's reign of DOOM in December after those PRECIOUS India dates, and Nakamura wins the Rumble for the Mania dream match. PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU haha

But I saw Meltzer report the Brock-Jinder match is a holdover and Brock would defend against Finn Balor at the Rumble, so that should be awesome, right?


​Dawg, you're all OVER the place here, but I'll do my best.
1.  The plan for WCW in general was that Bischoff and Fusient were going to buy the company, do yet another reboot, and then bring everyone back like Goldberg and use RVD as the top star with a whole new promotional concept and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  So yes, there was a specific plan for him, but we never got to see it.
2.  Top two matches for Wrestlemania are supposed to be Cena v. Jinder and Big Doggernaut v. Brock, so your choices for Rumble winner appear to be pretty slim.  Seriously though, who else are you gonna put over?  Strowman would be awesome but what's the point?  Might as well go with Reigns and be done with it.  
3.  ​Jinder's going all the way to WM, man.
4.  To be honest, Finn has bored the s--- out of me in this run.  And we know it's just going to be Brock throwing him around and going over in 6 minutes again anyway.